Fall 2015 Goals

With the start of the new semester, I get to have a whole new set of resolutions for the semester.  The beginning of the school year can bring on a lot of anxiety but it can also provide a way to start anew.  There are a lot of things that I want to accomplish before 2015 ends and now is the perfect time to start.

  • Relax.  Easier said than done, but I need to make sure that even with my heavy workload, I take time for myself to do what I want.
  • Get certified.  I want to get my group fitness instructor certification so that I can teach classes and improve lives.
  • Explore.  We are in NEW YORK CITY and I haven’t fully taken advantage of all the sites and places that I should and now will explore.
  • Sleep.  This goes without saying…
  • Speak up.  I want my voice to be heard this semester.  I’m not going to sit back in the classroom anymore.  If we are discussing a topic in class and I have an opinion about it, I’m going to speak up and make that connection in class.
  • Leave.  This contradicts my ‘explore’ bullet, but I think it’s also important to leave NYC every once in a while.  The hustle and bustle can sometimes really get to you and it’s important to clear your head and step away from all of the stress.

How will you embrace the start of a new semester?


2 replies on “Fall 2015 Goals”

  1. Hi Ashley,

    I’m behind in getting to these blogs, and they are great! I really like your way of starting the semester – what a great idea. Why wait until New Year’s Day to have goals?! I hope you are feeling successful in meeting some of them already. I am working on my goal of getting through all my college apps!
    Take care,
    Emily Victorson

    1. Hi Emily!
      So glad you are liking the blogs! Good luck with all of your college applications! It can be a stressful time but you’ll feel SO relieved once you have all of them in!


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