Broadway Baby!

Going to school in NYC means there’s always something to do. Food, shopping, walking, sight seeing. My personal favorite is going to a Broadway musical. For my whole life I’ve been into theater, acting in maanny musicals, singing in choirs and dancing ballet for 10 years. Musical Theater was and still is my true passion.

Because I’m in the city, I know how close I am to the Broadway world. Last year I wasn’t able to properly take advantage of this but I made it a point to see more shows this year. FIT offers $20 student tickets throughout the year, which sell fast because it’s such a great deal! However it’s not a constant thing.

If you haven’t purchased tickets for a show beforehand, there’s still a way to see a show! Many theaters offer rush tickets or do a daily ticket lottery. Most theater box offices open between 10 -11 am. If you get to the theater that morning you may be able to purchase what are called rush tickets, because most often the shows aren’t sold out. You’re able to purchase the ticket right then and there anywhere from $20-$50, which is very cheap for Broadway tickets.

Some theaters offer a ticket lottery, where you go to the box office a few hours before the show, write your name down and hand it in to the person working there. They have you come back at a specific time and they choose names “out of a hat.” If your name is chosen you’re able to buy very discounted tickets. You may think the chances are low, but many times its a very small group of people putting their names in, and they end up choosing around 20 names total.

Just last week I went to see Matilda The Musical. First of all, the show was FANTASTIC. But I bought my ticket through the lotter system! I paid $27 for an orchestra seat to a Wednesday matinee. I definitely recommend taking advantage of what these theaters offer in regards to discounted tickets.

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