Thanksgiving goodies

Hello all! Happy Holidays! Even though thanksgiving was yesterday there’s so much that happened, and so much to be thankful for. Today of course was black Friday and like the nut that I am I went out at 11 last night and waited in a line for ….. KATE SPADE! My absolute favorite store in the entire world. I went to the Jersey Shore outlets, which had amazing sales.. but I didn’t even get close to the door because I wasn’t waiting all day long. So now I am going to do Cyber Monday! ( this is my first one) I don’t have any tips yet but I will once I experience it.

So back to thanksgiving I had quite an interesting one, usually my family and I stay at home and my mom cooks everything, YUM! But this year I had the pleasure of being able to go to this beautiful thanksgiving lunch at an old mansion in Shrewsbury, NJ called the Shadowbrook.

Walking up to the doors I literally felt like royalty. As I approached the doors they drew me in, I couldn’t even open them at almost 10 feet high they made me feel like I was a baby again looking up at a door that I couldn’t open. Then I was able to walk through this beautiful area filled with all kinds of fall things like flowers and leaves and pumpkins, it could have taken your breathe away ( You weren’t aloud to take pictures though:( ). But I found one online. So  then they took our coats and directed us to the table at which we were sitting next to this beautiful view of the garden where they normally host weddings. Sitting there I couldn’t believe at one point someone actually lived in this mansion , this place was so big for the forty people sitting in there let alone only four. The walls all filled with beautiful antique wood and guided mirrors. The tables were dressed with the most beautiful flowers and silverware that you could ever imagine ( I truly felt like a princess). As we proceeded to settle in they then directed us to the buffet, which had everything and anything you could think of. Huge shrimp, the biggest pieces of ham and turkey I think I have ever seen in my life, all kinds of seafood and even sushi all freshly made. My mouth was watering I didn’t know what to go for first, I didn’t want to look like I never experienced this before. Then out of the corner of my eye I saw the DESERT ROOM, I think I nearly passed out! haha Deserts are my absolute favorite so I quickly filled my plate and rushed back to the table to eat, I was stuffed but I needed to experience that desert room! I think i was the first one finished and I didn’t want to be rude so I went up again for seconds, but I ended up just pushing food around to make it look like I was eating. Then it was time to go for desert there was everything pumpkin pie, chocolate covered everything, Ice cream, and just about every pie you could ever imagine, I pretty much grabbed one of each thing. I ate and ate till I nearly threw up, but it was totally worth it and I would do it again in a heart beat.

But suddenly it was time to go and see my family, my fairy tale was coming to an end. We quickly drove about 30 minutes on the parkway back to my house to meet with my brother, sister in law, mom and dad to have our dinner. Every year my mom makes this sweet potato casserole that is the best thing I ever tasted in my life I wait for it every year all year long. I was so embarrassed to bring my friend to my house after that extravagant outing with his family , but sometimes home made is better. We arrived a little late and my mom was about to bring out the food when we got to my house, we said our hellos and got right to eat, I tried so hard to eat all my moms food after all that food I just ate but I couldn’t do it! Thinking about it now even though our thanksgiving was small and just at our dining room table it made me realize what I am truly thankful for and that’s my family and my amazing friends that I surround myself with. I wouldn’t be where I am or who I am without them. Sometimes just being at home with those few people mean more to you then anything else ever could. So I guess what I’m trying to say is Happy thanksgiving 🙂 What are you thankful for? Do you have any traditions you follow every year? Did you do anything different?

And yes every year for every holiday my dad needs a hat, so here’s this years stay tuned for the Christmas hatt!

Happy Holidays!- Kailee


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