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Sample Sale!

We had an ‘all hands on deck club bonding event’ on Tuesday, December 4tth, otherwise known as the Home Products Club Sample Sale!

During the semester, club members reached out to vendors to request samples, and they answered the call! Inventory came in from so many generous showrooms (Loftex, Sunham, Rizzy Home, to name a few) with beautiful options, all proceeds going toward future club activities.

Not knowing what to expect, a few of us hung around after class to help set up (we transformed our classroom into “the shop”!) and when we saw how many mugs, plates, towels, placemats, pillows (you get it, right?) were coming out of the bubble wrap, everyone put their merchandising hats on and started styling.

Customers lined up early and it was worth the wait! Candles that were regularly $40ish were $10. Plates, $2; rugs, $20. So many bargains, and so much fun for all of us to see where all this learning is leading. Someday our own products will be what people are lining up to buy!

The sale lasted an hour, which flew by, and we are already looking forward to a bigger, better one next time around.

Customers lining up!
Sale’s on!
This gorgeous mug!
More mugs!
Towels were a hot item


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The Warmth of Flannel

Spring song flannel_Company Store

With temperatures in the teens, the warmth of flannel brings cozy thoughts, whether it is that favorite old flannel shirt or in my case flannel bedding. If layered properly, it creates the perfect balance for a winter’s sleep. Layer with a percale or sateen fitted sheet, a flannel duvet cover, and a pillow in each.

Company Store Velvet Flannel

My all time favorite, a velvet flannel from the Portugal manufacturer Lameirinho. The construction uses a finer yarn for a denser weave than most flannels, and goes through a shearing process after being napped to remove loose surface fibers. The results is a smooth supple hand that washes and wears beautifully as it has a low resistance to pilling. My go to retailer for flannels: The Company Store.

photos courtesy of The Company Store
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“White” sale

bedding basic January, a time to restock the linen closet!

This is the time of year many of us evaluate the stock of our linen closets and replenish those comforters, sheets, towels, and basic bedding that has seen better days. John Wanamaker, Wanamaker department stores, established the “White Sale” in January of 1878 to clear out inventory and generate sales after the holiday rush.  As linens were only available in white during Wanamaker’s time, the promotional term became a call to action. Today the sale has become a standard in the promotional calendar of retailers and extends far beyond the white linens of Wanamaker’s department stores. Retailers still use the sale period to turn inventory and make room for new spring programs, but I find it a perfect time to invest in bedding basics –

photo courtesy of Garnet Hill
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