London’s Brick Lane E.I.

Welcome Travelers!
by Lily Guseman, Class of 2020

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Every year a group of Home Products Development students, from The Fashion Institute of Technology, take a trip to London and Paris over winter break for the purpose of researching trends in the home field and attending the trade show Maison et Objet. While exploring these two great cities in small groups we often make discoveries, and mine happened to be the lovely area of Brick Lane.

Brick Lane is about a 15-20 minute taxi ride from central London and it was truly the mecca for all things vintage, shopping, and street art. We began our adventure at Box Park which was a street filled with shipping containers where local entrepreneurs were selling everything from handmade jewelry to frozen yogurt.

Our trip to Brick Lane was on a Sunday so luckily we were able to walk through the flea market that takes place there every weekend. The market, best known for their fur jackets, sold for as low as 15 pounds and regular jackets for 10 pounds, a great spot for some bargains! Along with jackets, there was fresh produce, local street food, and a huge selection of accessories. If you were not able to score your dream jacket at the market, no worries because there are up to 5 vintage stores located on each street with a unique, curated selection to choose from. Brick Lane has the “Brooklyn” feel and is perfect place to go if you want a taste of New York in a new city!

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Sample Sale!

We had an ‘all hands on deck club bonding event’ on Tuesday, December 4tth, otherwise known as the Home Products Club Sample Sale!

During the semester, club members reached out to vendors to request samples, and they answered the call! Inventory came in from so many generous showrooms (Loftex, Sunham, Rizzy Home, to name a few) with beautiful options, all proceeds going toward future club activities.

Not knowing what to expect, a few of us hung around after class to help set up (we transformed our classroom into “the shop”!) and when we saw how many mugs, plates, towels, placemats, pillows (you get it, right?) were coming out of the bubble wrap, everyone put their merchandising hats on and started styling.

Customers lined up early and it was worth the wait! Candles that were regularly $40ish were $10. Plates, $2; rugs, $20. So many bargains, and so much fun for all of us to see where all this learning is leading. Someday our own products will be what people are lining up to buy!

The sale lasted an hour, which flew by, and we are already looking forward to a bigger, better one next time around.

Customers lining up!
Sale’s on!
This gorgeous mug!
More mugs!
Towels were a hot item


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Comp Shopping Field Trip

Our recent “Textile Applications: Home Products” assignment was to present comparisons on prices, fiber content, fabric construction and printing method on two soft furnishings. To demonstrate, Professor Cora took class on the road.

We met at the brand new (less than a week old at the time!) One Kings Lane store, at 143 Spring Street, (incidentally, 1/10th mile from where cronuts were invented/are sold). On the corner of Wooster, we admired the multi-floor glass side of the store. Not surprisingly, everything, including the building, is beautiful. Inside are cozy seating groups, a wide curved staircase, and an exposed brick wall. If these walls could talk, they would say “Can you believe this used to be a Crocs store?”

Initially I planned to do my comp shopping presentation on some of their pillows, but the woven vs. print options were all at a similar price point ($185ish), which didn’t really give enough to compare, but, it was really fun to be inside One Kings Lane and see their products in person, off the computer screen.

Next we headed to Crate&Barrel (.5 miles from the nearest cronut), always a treat in NYC to go into a place that huge. It was here that I decided to compare dish towels for my presentation.

All of our field trips this semester were really interesting, and were during great weather, which made them even more of a treat.

photo, courtesy Breonna Arnold, HP2020
photo, courtesy Samantha Edwards HP2020
photo, courtesy Samantha Edwards HP2020


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2019 Carole Sloan Scholar

Congrats to Jessica Jakobsson, the 2019 Carole Sloan Scholar.

I am incredibly grateful to be the recipient of the Carole Sloan Memorial Scholarship this year. I am an international student from Sweden who had big dreams of moving to New York City and attending FIT. The Home Products Development program turned out to be the perfect choice for me. During my first year I have been academically challenged, gained valuable professional skills, and learned about the industry. I have had the opportunity to apply this knowledge at trade shows, showroom visits, and as an intern. I am excited to start my senior year and to honor the legacy of Carole Sloan.” ~ Jessica Jakobsson, Class of 2019

The Carole Sloan Memorial Scholarship was established in 2011 by Stephen Pond, founder of Home Textiles Today and Furniture Today, in honor of Carole Sloan who was a longtime editor and writer with the publications. The Home Products department is grateful for the continuous gift which honors a FIT Home Products Development student each year in pursuing their education and passion for the home industries.

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From the Hearth to HGTV

In the creative industries, inspiration is found everywhere and as the saying goes – history repeats itself. This could not be truer than in the design and development process. We are continually looking at the past and present to create the future. Mr. Gunn summed it up perfectly during a speaking engagement at FIT by saying “know the history of your discipline.” I am reminded of this with the start of each semester when I introduce one of my favorite courses HP231 America at Home.

Meeting the G6 Gen Ed Arts requirement, HP231 is a blend of history, architecture, interior design, and the design process of home products. It provides students with the opportunity to explore how the home developed throughout the 20th century; looking at its influences and trends. With the DIY movement and popularity of HGTV, the home industry is reaching a much broader and younger crowd. Knowing and understanding the history of home design not only fulfills a requirement, but allows you experience everyday objects in a new way.

Object and project based, the course incorporates the library, writing studio, and field trips to engage students in the history of the home. The curriculum is designed to build upon basic skills in research, presentation, and the development process that are a basis for many of FIT courses. And last but not least – The Chair Project. Find your inspiration, create your design and develop a model chair.

See you this fall semester – HP231 America at Home.

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Carole Sloan Scholar

Nicole Alper, a student majoring in Home Products Development at the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT), has been named the 2016 Carole Sloan Scholar by the college. Nicole received $2,500 for achieving the highest GPA in the Home Products Development program. Stephen Pond, founder of Home Textiles Today and Furniture Today, created the endowment in honor of Carole Sloan who was a longtime editor and writer with the publications. The Home Products department is grateful for the gift which honors a student each year in pursuing their education and passion for the home.

“As a transplant from South Florida, attending school in New York was always my dream. Thanks to the Home Products Development program, I have been exposed to experiences and knowledge I didn’t know existed. Through trips to the High Point Furniture Market, the International Housewares Show, and an upcoming trip to Maison & Objet in Paris, I have been challenged and participated like an industry professional. I have interned with multiple companies and found my skill set applicable in every situation. I am honored to be the Carole Sloan scholarship recipient this year, and hope to contribute to her amazing legacy in years to come.”     Thank you!  Nicole

Congratulations Nicole!
The Home Products Development Department

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