The Warmth of Flannel

Spring song flannel_Company Store

With temperatures in the teens, the warmth of flannel brings cozy thoughts, whether it is that favorite old flannel shirt or in my case flannel bedding. If layered properly, it creates the perfect balance for a winter’s sleep. Layer with a percale or sateen fitted sheet, a flannel duvet cover, and a pillow in each.

Company Store Velvet Flannel

My all time favorite, a velvet flannel from the Portugal manufacturer Lameirinho. The construction uses a finer yarn for a denser weave than most flannels, and goes through a shearing process after being napped to remove loose surface fibers. The results is a smooth supple hand that washes and wears beautifully as it has a low resistance to pilling. My go to retailer for flannels: The Company Store.

photos courtesy of The Company Store
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