A Happy Welcome from the State University of New York’s FIT Art History and Museum Professions program!

We are in the heart of Lenapehoking, ancestral homelands of the Lenape people. We are on 227 West 27th Avenue in what is today referred to as the downtown in the very heart of Manhattan, New York City.

On this blog, we want to share voices of AHMP students, faculty, alumni, colleagues, guests, supporters and friends. What do we think about a new gallery or museum exhibition we see? What exhibitions are we working on? Which exciting authors or books are we reading? We welcome your contributions to the blog as well! Tell us what you are up to. Please do get in touch if you are connected to AHMP!

Why begin a blog? Our annual newsletter, Art History Insider became so successful that we decided it would be best to update you on a more regular basis. Our students hold exciting internships and positions, work at The Museum at FIT, observe and discuss arts in and out of the classroom, activate and address challenges and changes in the field and at large, and curate exhibitions. So do our faculty, staff and alumni. We recognize your efforts and want to showcase them, beyond our AHMP instagram account.

The FIT Art History and Museum Professions Program acknowledges that it is located on Lenapehoking, ancestral homelands of the Lenape people. We recognize the continued significance of these lands for Lenape nations past and present, we pay our respects to the ancestors, as well as to past, present, and emerging Lenape leaders.

We also want to recognize that New York City has the largest urban Indigenous population in the United States. We believe that addressing structural Indigenous exclusion and erasure is critically important and we are committed to actively working to overcome the ongoing effects and realities of settler-colonialism within the institutions where we currently work. We hope the short essays on this blog will raise interest in the many exciting things happening in and around our Art History and Museum Professions program!

Thank you for taking time to read!

Professor Alex Nagel, March 15, 2022

To contact us, just email the blog administrators:

alexander_nagel[at]fitnyc.edu or molly_schoen[at]fitnyc.edu. 

Photo: State University of New York Manhattan Campus FIT Entrance on West 27th Street. Alex Nagel, April 2019.

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