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It’s that time! What we have all been waiting for…. FITSA’s DRAG PAGEANT! If you are interested in participating in the fierce competition make sure to audition in the Katie Murphy Amphitheatre ¬†on November 18th or 24th and be prepared with your headshot, resume, and rehearsed lip sync dance!

The Drag Pageant is known to be a highlight of the school year! Don’t miss out if you are interested in participating! Please contact Karina Grosssman ([email protected]) or Ashleigh Bagnata ([email protected]) for more information or to reserve an audition time slot!

Notes From The 6 Train: Draggin’ On

My Honor’s Project premiered a few weeks ago. It wasn’t a red carpet premiere, but nothing compares to the feeling of showcasing a project you’ve been working hard on and people actually enjoying. Since the beginning of the semester, my group and I have been meeting every single Wednesday evening from 6:30-8:00. As a commuter student who doesn’t have class on Wednesday’s, making the trudge from Harlem during snowstorms was quite a challange, but our premiere made it all worth it.

Screen Shot 2014-04-24 at 11.25.33 AM

Our project “Can’t Drag Me Down,” was about drag queen culture and we showcased the lives of two NYC Drag Queens, BibleGirl666 & Robyn Banks. We got to spend time with them and learn about the rewards and difficulties about being a drag queen, all while watching them transform from regular guys to astounding drag queens!


Most importantly, I met new and spent time with people I probably wouldn’t have known otherwise, which is always a nice plus. I made friends with our advisor, Christie Shin, my group members and even one of the drag queens. She was so happy with the finished project, and she even invited to her upcoming party. It’s always interesting to see how one opportunity leads to other opportunities and relationships. Anyways, check it out if you’re interested!

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