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Crafts on a budget!

So in my last entry I told you I was learning how to crochet, it’s so easy to learn! I actually taught myself off of You Tube. If you follow the link below it is the exact one that I used. Crocheting for beginners

If you’re brand new to crocheting, the wide range of hooks, yarns, and patterns are definitely overwhelming. What I learned is that the hooks, do make a difference once you learn more, but starting out use whatever hook makes you feel comfortable( I started off with a hook called an H).To start off you’ll need about $15 dollars to get everything you need, or extra of whatever yarn you decide to use.

One thing I learned is that when starting on a project, I’m excited about how it will turn out and start to move too fast. Or I get thinking I have to get through this project quick as I have 20 other projects I want to complete. I get into a rush. And because of that, I start to get sloppy. Getting sloppy can change your entire project and make all that work not worth it in the end,. I still mess up all the time. I’ll get to the end of a project and see that I missed a loop or made a large hole, ugh! But give your work a little stretch this way or that, and it can often make it all work out, evening things up. This will keep happening until you get really good or you understand what your doing wrong.

 Another thing that matters is where you position your yarn in your left hand . As you pull the yarn through each loop for each stitch with the right hand, you are holding on to the other end with your left hand. It matters how tight or loose you hold that yarn in your left hand and you need to have consistency. Otherwise you’ll get a piece that has 2 rows in the middle that are super tight or super stretched, depending on how tight or loose you were holding the yarn. You’ll start to get it and it will become natural.

The last tip i have is where you keep your yarns or projects! I’ve just been sticking them in my bag for school lately and then i get frustrated when they get messed up. So make sure you keep your crocheting things in one place it can be a little makeup bag inside your purse or back pack or just put it in a plastic bag after all this work you don’t want it to  get messed up!


So I want to hear from you! What tips can you give me that might help my projects? Or what questions do you have while your beginning. Show me your projects I always love seeing what others are doing!

Xoxo Kailee