Hi everyone!

FIT is a very career focused college, which means people use social media to promote themselves in all sorts of ways! From creative instagrams showcasing their designs to class project Facebook pages, students use platforms to get noticed by the industry.

My personal favorite social media is (I wish I was kidding) LinkedIn. If you ever take an internship class at FIT you will undoubtedly receive advise on how to develop your own portfolio, but it never hurts to start early. Making a profile and adding all your academics, work, volunteering and skills can help recruiters notice your profile, and have you all set up to apply somewhere if you see a great posting!

Work or internship experience is not the only thing that can make you hirable. Sometimes things like second languages, teamwork and leadership (from sports or school activities) and other accomplishments can lead to the first few positions you might hold. LinkedIn makes it easy to “advertise” yourself and showcase what makes you special.

Aside from that, I enjoy browsing open positions (it’s a great way to see what skills are required for jobs you want in the future) and seeing what former coworkers are up to! It’s exciting to see a new update from a classmate. It’s like Facebook life updates, but for people’s careers.

How do you promote yourself online?