Interviews, First Days & Events – What to Wear?

Hi everyone,

So you have a job interview, an event to dress up for, or even your first day at a new position! What to wear for these occasions can be just as stressful as actually going, so here are some tips for what to wear.

Fit the Brand/Event Energy
Going for an interview at LEVIs? Wear your jeans! Applying for retail? Dress the store style. Professional conference? Dress up. Even with more casual things like jeans, you can dress them up with black boots and a nice blouse. Do some research about the company or event so as to better dress the occasion. Sometimes if you can find photos from an event you can get a better idea of the dress code, or lack thereof.

Have Professional Pieces
There is really no one size fits all uniform, especially in fashion, but there are some things you have have in your closet that can make for a quick outfit for interviews that might pop up unexpectedly. I like having black boots, slacks, a blouse and a simple cardigan that I can grab for any weather, whenever. I would advise against buying something new for an interview, as you don’t know how it might fit and look. I have done this, and ended up fighting with a blouse for an entire event since I didn’t know how it would fit me.

Or if you’re like me and hate to iron, try hanging the shirt in the bathroom while you shower. The heat will help release wrinkles. I’d advise against ordering a brand new shirt and waiting to take it out of the shipping plastic – those folding lines are hard to get out!

Be Comfortable.
While it’s great to put your best foot forward, if you aren’t used to wearing heels, it might not be the time to practice! Wearing flats or shoes with a heel you feel comfortable in can help when you might have first day jitters. You shouldn’t have to worry about tripping in brand new shoes. Also, stay true to yourself. Wear clothes that represent you in the best way possible.

Those are my tips for dressing for events, interviews and first-days! Remember that you feeling comfortable with the clothes you are wearing will make the biggest difference.

What do you wear to interviews? Comment below!