Class Break – Hiking in Hong Kong

Hi everyone!

This week I started classes at PolyU.  Since it was the first week, it was very preliminary, but as time goes on I’m sure there will be more to report on.  However, now that the jet lag has settled, it’s time to explore!

View from the Trail

This weekend my friends and I escaped from the city for a day trip hike!  Hong Kong is an incredible city bustling with energy, but just outside the big city are beautiful beaches and hiking trails.  I love the city but getting out and climbing was a blast- plus the views were stunning.

The Trail Sign at Dragon’s Back

Hong Kong has many hiking trails, and I would love to explore more during my time here.  Once the weather warms up a bit (it’s been hovering around 65 degrees Fahrenheit) I want to hike to a beach.  It’s definitely an all day affair however- we headed out from the dorms at 10am and did not return until after 6!

Do you know any great nature spots to check out in Hong Kong?