FIT Re-branded

Hi guys!

What comes to mind when you think of FIT? What does the student body look like? What is FIT’s brand?

Dr. Joyce Brown, President of FIT, believes FIT is a community of people who do not fit the mold of society. We are innovators, design thinkers, unconventional minds and problem solvers. We are unlike any other college student. As a new creative economy approaches in a variety of industries, FIT has decided to laid to discontinue stereotypes and outdated practices.

FIT is moving forward with “unshackled innovation-while unabashedly celebrating traditional skills.” The industry leaders across all categories know the visionaries of the future are at FIT.

And stay tuned — more #FITunconventional is on its way!


One thought on “FIT Re-branded

  1. gabi

    When does FIT send out acceptance and rejections letter for freshman admissions?? Waiting.waiting.

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