Staying Cool in NYC

Staying cool in NYC can be easier than you think, with the weather heating up, here are some ways to stay cool in the coming heat!

1. Get Wet

Use this muggy weather as an excuse to act like a kid again and go in some sprinklers! The city offers ALOT of them (chances are pretty good that at least one of your local parks has one), but there are some really spectacular water features that you might want to travel a little further to get to. The Ancient Playground at Central Park is a top pick for its Egypt-inspired design. Rumor is that the Brangelina bunch likes to horse around at the Catbird Playground, a water feature located at the Cark Shurz Park. for those of you lower downtown who want a view to splash around to, the Teardrop Park at Battery Park City is about as close to a real beach you can get without visiting Coney Island.

2. Too Warm? Bookworm!

On top of the phenomenal FIT Gladys Marcus Library, those lions outside of the New York Public Library might be burning up, but inside it’s nice and cool. Stay out of the scorching sun and get your read on at the same time by visiting your local library.

3. Museums, Museums, Museums!

Beat the heat and catch up on your culture by visiting a great summer exhibit at one of NYC’s world-renowned museums. Being a student can get in you free to most around the city, so don’t fret about those prices!

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  2. Here’s a lifehack for ya: take a fan and set it on high over a bowl of cold water in some ice. This has helped me in the brutal hot summers when I was living in the east village. Another great tip is to put some cold water in a spray bottle and spritz yourself every once in a while. You could even keep the bottle in the fridge.

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