Notes From the 6 Train: Basking In the Blue Moon

You know the phrase “once in a blue moon?” Well, we have one today! A blue moon is when there’s a full moon twice in one month, it’s happens very rarely, which is where that term comes from. The next blue moon literally won’t happen again until 2018, and hasn’t happened insect 2012, so it’s a cool thing to be aware of.

Full moons are times of reflection, the purging or creating of new things. Blue moons are supposed to be particularly powerful *even if you don’t believe in the dancing to the moon & basking in the lunar glow, one can always at least appreciate the beauty of a full moon.*

This full moon leading into the beginning of a new month, is the perfect to re-evaulate how we love and what we value. Meditate, write a list or even draw/ paint (whatever your medium maybe) with this in mind. Maybe your priorities have shifted a bit during the summer, it’s nice to have that check in time with yourself, esp. since school is just around the corner *ahh!*


Astrostyle always has great suggestions to do during new/full moon times. I’ve listed a few below:

1. Embrace your weirdness: The Aquarius full moon urges you to stop hiding the parts of yourself that might be quirky, eccentric or just not in perfect harmony with the people around you. Because Aquarian energy is all about “live and let live,” this weekend is great for authentic sharing—without forcing your ideas on anyone else.

2. Light Your Olympic Torch: Aquarius is the zodiac’s team player, encouraging you to show pride for a group you belong to.

3. Host A Salon: Idealistic, intellectual Aquarius revels in the realm of cutting edge ideas. This full moon creates the perfect space for a salon. Gather your brain trust for a topic-centered discussion, potluck style if you can, since group-centric Aquarius parties are even better when everyone contributes.

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Happy Blue Mooning!

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  1. Making things even more complicated, there are actually two types of valid blue moons- one is the seasonal blue moon you speak of; also there is a zodiacal blue moon, which happens when two full moons occur while the moon is passing through the same sign of the zodiac in the sky.

    1. Oh wow! I didn’t know that. I shall do more research. Interesting that they haven’t pick a different color, eh?

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