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Yesterday I was interviewed via phone for a Production and Sourcing Internship at Ann Inc. Today I have my second round of phone interviews with the person that will eventually be my superior if they hire me (since I’m in DR they’d rather do this than wait until I get back to NYC). If the title throws you a bit off (it’s normal, seems pretty unrelated) I’m here to explain how I have used one of our most fabulous web resources. But first, I’ll share some tips I’ve gathered online and from previous professors about interviewing over the phone:

  1. When you do phone interviews it’s like you are cheating, because you can actually wear what you want, something that makes you feel comfortable and reassure you (I had an Ann Taylor shirt, haha I know just felt right and sweats).
  2. Always stand, your voice comes out better and sounds more energized. SMILE I swear it projects a positive image and completely changes the tone of your voice.
  3. Be near a desk, here you can keep your resume at hand, a list of your skills and what you bring to this position and also a list of your “weaknesses” (always something that can be taken as positive aka I’m tenacious, great article here)
  4. Lock yourself in a room where you can’t be interrupted, this includes turning off call waiting (I seriously had my mom scream GOOOOOOAL yesterday LOL when Argentina finally scored during the world cup, I almost DIED haha)
  5. Landlines are more convenient and have less tendency to drop than cellphones.
  6. Enunciate clearly and speak slowly (take a deep breath when they speak, remember they can’t see you).
  7. Do NOT interrupt. Wait for your turn. Ask them questions.
  8. Take notes after or during to recall the interview for future references.
  9. Follow up with a thank you email.

Now about our “not your typical library” (you will see more of why when you visit us, because you can eat and drink and talk in our main floor, SAY WHAT?! Yes). The Gladys Marcus Library consists of three floors full of what can only be described as a world of fashion knowledge above and beyond what you can imagine. PrintFX_3D_Gown

  • We have one of the foremost fashion library collections.
  • The library supports the academic and research needs of programs in Art and Design, Business and Technology, Liberal Arts and our Graduate School.
  • Through SUNY’s Open Access Policy our students have access to and borrowing privileges at all other SUNY libraries.
  • We have some of the most historical collection of magazines such as Vogue dating back to 1929.
  • As an online resource that I always use for interviews you have the databases to do company in-depth research (Hoovers is your BFF) where I learned almost everything about ANN Inc.
  • The nerdiest part that I absolutely love is the TEXT A LIBRARIAN. FIT provides you a phone number where you can text the librarian to help you if you are lost in the stacks or to check if we have a certain book available.

Anyways wish me luck at getting this internship and be sure to check the library out! Tons of magazines, trend forecasting books, special exhibitions, movies to rent for FREE and helpful staff.


Carpe Diem,



5 replies on “Phone Interviews & Gladys Marcus Library”

  1. Sorry girl, but it was a GOOOOOLAZOOOOO since Argentina was my favorite , had to scream about it!!!!!

    FIFA World Cup will stay in America!!!!

    Remember the sky is your limit so internship coming soon!!

  2. Hi Sadie
    Great post!!! I love it, not only very interesting but also you share something personal (I am sad the way Brazil lost yesterday, now cheering for Argentina hoping the Cup stays in America as your mom said).
    About phone interviews, all the advises you collected are true and very helpful, I got my job at a Calgary Renovation Company through a phone interview and I followed every step you described except standing up =) matter of choice!
    Good luck getting the internship!

  3. Hi (Person who’s name I can’t quite see),

    Thank you so much for reading and I’m glad you found it to be useful. About the cup, well who knows we will soon see, I would rather have it stay but then again you did see what Germany did to Brazil (it still hurts).
    Congrats about your job and I’m excited that my tips have also helped someone other than me, although I have found when I stand up I pace around so as you said matter of choice 🙂

    Thank you and as soon as I get one, I will be making a post about it.

    Stay tuned and we’ll see what happens on Sunday.

  4. Great post!!! I love it, not only very interesting but also you share something personal (I am sad the way Brazil lost yesterday, now cheering for Argentina hoping the Cup stays in America as your mom said..Thanks for sharing all that great information..

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