The Big Game

This past weekend I attended the 2014 Fusion Fashion Show at Parsons: The New School For Design. The Fusion Fashion Show has been around for 15 years now! What is it you ask? Well, its an intense, talented competition between the two best fashion schools in the country – Parsons and FIT. Fifteen designers from each school create 5 outfits, cast models, style them accordingly, and put on a runway show! And to top it off, some of the fashion industries best choose a winning designer from each school and a Best Overall school!

This just sounds like a reality show in the making…I mean, yes, there’s Project Runway, but something about college level fashion design students competing head to head paired with behind-the-scenes drama get’s me excited. Get on that Bravo!!

There are pros and cons to going to FIT (which is a whole other blog post) but one con for me is that I find it hard to feel “school spirit” here. Yes, I knew coming into FIT that its very different from most colleges out there. For one, we lack prestigious sports teams. I’m not a huge football fan, but I find myself sometimes envious when I see pictures of college football games, all students proudly donning their schools jersey. Everyone is extremely passionate about their school and team!

But when I was sitting in the auditorium waiting for the Fusion Fashion Show to start, I had a realization. The Fusion Fashion Show is my school’s “big football game.” FIT is MY school, Parsons the opposing team. Passionate fans from FIT and Parsons filled the seats to support not only the talented designers but to support their school! When the MC would ask the audience who was there to support FIT, I cheered as loud as I could. It wasn’t just me cheering, there were lots of other FIT students cheering along as well ;).

The show itself was SPECTACULAR! These students from both schools are so talented, and most are either freshmen or sophomores! Past years designers have included Prabal Gurung and Alexander Wang. It was so cool to think I could be watching the next Wang premiere their first show!

It was hard not to be completely biased the whole show, rooting for only FIT designers. But there were some very talented designers from Parsons. Overall, the show was so creative and inventive. There were beautiful gowns, intricate handmade knits and even a jacket made entirely out of Furby’s!

BUT guess which school won Best Overall………FI-FRICKEN-T!!!

I think they totally deserved it 😉 Everyone did a fantastic job but I couldn’t help to smile when I read that FIT won. It was like my school’s football team won the big game. Except our players are all super fashionable, talented, creative, unique people. And definitely not as as smelly…



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  1. Natalie Fritz

    Hi there! As a prospective future student at FIT, this has been a concern of mine…finding that compromise in attending a technology school vs. a big university, no big football games. Thank you for your blog comment, Brendan! This is exactly the kind of experiences and thoughts I love to hear from the student at at FIT! I am on the train right now from Virginia and will be arriving at Penn station shortly to attend Junior Day at FIT this weekend. This is my third visit to the school and with each return to the school and become more impressed and excited about the possibility of becoming part of this fabulous college and it’s student body. I look forward to exploring the opportunities that lie ahead for me here at FIT and please to share your valuable thoughts and experiences. I have found the Admissions BLOG to be extremely helpful in answering my questions and to giving me first hand insight to FIT and all that your school and this great city has to offer!

    Natalie from Stafford, Virginia!

    1. Brendan Post author

      Hey Natalie!

      I am so happy to have eased some of the concerns you’ve had. FIT is definitely very different from most universities and colleges around the country. But these differences are what makes FIT so special and an educational experience like no other.

      It’s awesome that you’re visiting FIT because its the best way to get the feel of what its like to be on campus. I hope that you enjoy your time in the city and at FIT! Good Luck with all your endeavors!

  2. David

    Attending such events open the door to learning many things practically. Even I suggest students to visit such events and explore your area of interest.

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