Notes From the 6 Train: Getting Down With the Group

The other reality during finals is, as if there weren’t enough things to do, it’s prime time for group assignments. Or, at the very least, it’s when projects and presentations are due.  is that reality of how to work in group projects. Once, again, I’ve composed a short list of things I’ve learned. (I’m really sporadic in real life, so lists help me organize my constantly avalanching thoughts.









1. Respect other group member’s time. This is especially true for FIT since so many students commute. Some come from moderately close, like me, or from a bit further like Long Island of New Jersey, and some come from even further like Connecticut. Though there aren’t a lot of people in the last category, they do exist, and may only be taking classes one day a week, so finding a time to meet with them may be a bit of challenge. Which brings me to my next point, 

2. We have technology to help cut through distance problems, use it! Group messaging is a lifesaver. I used group messaging for all of my group projects this semester. We also used Google Docs. For my semester long project, it was a life saver! Google Docs is located in the Google Drive and is a free web based office suite. Documents, power points, folders, spreadsheets, forms and drawings, can all edited ans stored in this comprehensive suite. The best part is that multiple people can work on the documents on the same time. This is obviously a huge advantage when working in a group setting. As soon as one of my group members posted something I was able to immediately provide feedback, which is pretty convenient.

3.Volunteer to be the group leader!  It may be additional work, but there are so many benefits. Firstly, teachers always appreciate people who step up.  Being a group leader helps you to be a better group member in other situations, ( ie. job, internships, clubs,etc.). Also, when you’re the group leader and you are able to learn what does and doesn’t work in group settings, and you have to be the one to make sure it all comes together since you’re the one responsible for the group. Lastly, and what I think is most important, you you get to know what the experience is like. When you are in the role of a leader, and become comfortable in that role, it’s what you begin to strive for. When you act as a leader for so long, you may realize that it’s the only option for you, That small piece of knowledge can change your world.

4. Lastly, practice! If it’s an oral presentation take at least 30 minutes the week of the presentation to practice so everyone gets comfortable. Presenting in front of the entire class can be nerve-wrecking and being completely unprepared only heighten anxieties.

After this post, there will no more talks of finals ans tests from me. I’m over them & I’m everyone else who is/ recently finished finals is as well. So that’e enough for the test talk. This topic was jut super relevant. Now, on to other things!

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Ayanna L.

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