Winter Break Adventures- #1

My winter break so far has been filled with awesome experiences! My first one was last Tuesday, I went to Atlantic City ( In New Jersey, where I live). It was my first time ever there, it was an incredible experience. My mom had a Christmas party for work, so my sister in law decided to join her, but that day in New Jersey we ended up having a snow storm, basically closing down all the roads. So we waited it out then went way later on. Driving there was such torture, I was so excited to go and just see what I’ve been missing out on all this time, and we had to drive slow because of the snow and ice, it dragged on.

Finally we got there, my eyes instantly light up it was like the first time I ever saw FIT. There was so much to look at,  my eyes were going everywhere trying to take it all in. We pulled into the parking garage at the Tropicana tore off our coats and ran inside. First we got some dinner, we ate at HOOTERS ( My first time there too), cant say it was all I expected it to be, but the night went on. Then we decided to walk around the little shops and find some dessert, we found this little Italian place with these delicious looking desserts in the case. Tara ( my sister in law) and I looked at each other and just knew what we were getting. We found a little table and sat down and began to eat, as we were eating someone dropped money on the floor. We waited about 15 minutes to see if anyone would come back to claim it, but no one did! So I ran and grabbed it, it was only six dollars but it was more then we had before.

We finished eating our desserts , and we talked about going to gamble the free money we just found. ” Sure let’s try it ” I said to Tara as we cleaned up our table. I love my sister in law for the pure fact that she is so energetic and excited about everything, you could be eating an apple and she could make it exciting. So you can imagine our walk into the casino, well we were basically running going back and forth ” Kailee which do you want to play first” ” I don’t know just pick one ” ” No ! you pick!” . Finally after gambling away the dollar on the penny machines , we went to a Wheel of fortune machine. Tara put the money in and told me to hit the button, we patiently waited to see what would happen next.

… we won a SPIN! meaning you get a chance to win money. So we pulled the lever and we won not 100,, not 200.. not 300.. but 1,200. FIRST TRY! with the money we found! so we quickly cashed out and split the money between us. We figured we didn’t want to push our luck much more, but I was hooked, so I went back to the same machine to play once more and… we won again! this time only 32 dollars but hey it was still free money! By this point we figured its time to call it quits, don’t want to push our luck to much. The whole drive home the only things we were saying ” Can you believe that!?”  ” I cant believe we just won that much money!” ” I’m not going to work tomorrow” ” I cant wait to tell everyone!” all while calling my parents, my brother, my friends, we were so excited.

My winter break started off with lots of money, it was wonderful. How did yours start off? Have you ever been to AC? If you haven’t I highly suggest it, its an awesome place to go with friends. Its approximately  2 1/2- 3 hours from FIT. It isn’t bad, and you’ll make amazing memories I promise! ( But don’t forget to invite me! haha)

Happy Holidays everyone! xoxo Kailee



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