FIT Re-Welcomes Colorful Fiber Art

A colorful work of fiber art by former Textile Design faculty member Wilma Grayson hung in the lobby of FIT’s Pomerantz Center in 1975. The design, a grid of colored rectangles on a white ground, was selected by FIT’s Art Committee (and approved by the Art Commission of the City of New York) for manufacture by Edward Fields Carpet Makers.

In spring 2017, when the college began renovating the lobby for an expansion, the piece was removed and sent to the Textile Conservation Lab where experts conducted a careful cleaning. Members of the FIT community were involved in every step of the process. The returning art piece is now installed in a new location: the stairwell of the Katie Murphy Amphitheatre.

Goes to show classic, creative art never goes out of style. Go check out this vintage creation and let me know what you think!


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