From Student to Alumni

The term alumni always felt so foreign to me. Alumni reminded me of 30 year class reunions and gray hair. Technically, I knew what it meant, but it was always weird picturing myself as an alumni…I was either a student or I wasn’t. When I graduated high school, I was onto bigger and better things at college. There was no time to be an alumni of my high school.

Until this past weekend…:)

My best friend had the idea months ago to put together an Alumni Cabaret for any one who had been a part of the Burnt Hills-Ballston Lake Drama Program (my high school’s drama club.) Drama club and music were my LIFE in high school. My fondest memories during high school came from my time spent in drama club, in rehearsals and performing in the shows. And most importantly my best friends in the world were made in drama club.

Fast forward to this past weekend, all the plans were made, the alumni interested in performing were there with songs, we rehearsed, laughed and had a wonderful time. We had performers from all the way from the class of 1955 to current day students. It was so amazing to see the range of people and talent that went through my high schools drama club and to be all together in one space. The show went swimmingly! Many community members came to support us, and we raised about $600 for the drama program! After, I saw so many familiar faces who have supported me all the way and I was so, so appreciative to be able to talk with them.

Performing as an alumni made me think how I will be an alumni of FIT in just a few short months. AHHH! Very very very very crazy to think that. But it’s true! I will be another success story coming out of FIT. I will be among names like, Brian Atwood, Nanette Lepore and Calvin Klein – all of course notable FIT alumni! The power and prestige this school and its alumni has is exciting and comforting. To know I will have a degree from FIT gives me hope that I have a bright future ahead of me!

FIT is the community and set of networks that has helped me launch myself and my career, and it will always be there for me through the FIT Alumni Network. There is a specific office at FIT, the office of Alumni Relations, that maintains and enhances connections with former students in order to support the FIT alumni network. They host educational, cultural, and social events for alumni and always keeping them informed about college events that may be of interest! Another great perk is that alumni are encouraged to use the many resources available to them, including the Career and Internship Center, the Gladys Marcus Library, The Museum at FIT and the School of Continuing Education and Professional Studies. These things don’t just disappear once you walk across the commencement stage.

You can follow the alumni network on Facebook or subscribe to the exciting Hue Magazine, which is contributed to by FIT alumni and keeps you up to date with who’s doing what. If you are an FIT alumni and would like to sign up to stay informed, update your records here!

FIT has made such an impact on me in my three years here so far. I can only imagine the impact it will have in the years to come.


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    1. Many alumni maintain a relationship with FIT, in which there are opportunities for students and alumni to meet! A past internship of mine was with an FIT grad – its so cool to see where FIT alumni go with their careers!

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