Graffiti as Public Art

Graffiti is an art form that is all the rage at the moment. From Banksy’s appearance in October to the harsh and hurried erasing of 5Pointz in Queens, it is all anyone is talking about, and it continues as a tagged up 4 train was spotted in the Bronx recently. While colorful subways were a common sight in the 1980’s, the MTA is extremely strict about taking any graffiti-stricken trains out of service and cleaning them up right away. Whether graffiti is art or a form of vandalism is up to personal opinion, but personally I’d rather have a colorful tagged up subway car rather than a car that completely covered in advertisements (I’m looking at you, shuttle to Grand Central). The point is, when you’re in New York you never know what you’re going to see, so be sure to enjoy when something a little out of the ordinary passes you by. Oh, and if you hear about something cool like 5Pointz, you better check it out before it gets taken down. The city is constantly changing; it’s a blessing and a curse.

5Pointz before

5Pointz after