Saying Goodbye

I am so thankful that I was able to grow and to learn this semester at FIT, and I am especially grateful that I was given the opportunity to blog! This has been an amazing experience, and I definitely feel as if I came out of this program more knowledgeable.

But, aside from the sappy stuff, I thought I should tell about my last class at FIT. Since I am taking Magazine Design, we spent the last class putting together our magazines. Being able to physically see the result of the class was extremely rewarding. It honestly made all the DMBS (designer mental-block syndrome) frustration and impatience worth it.

Even though I do not plan on having a career in the magazine industry, the class has taught me how to manipulate images and text to create something useful, and wasn’t that the goal all along? I now have a pretty decent ability to use Adobe InDesign to design anything I need to. All in all, this program is pretty awesome, and unlike any other.

Saying goodbye was hard, but I know that this is not the end. Thank you for a wonderful semester!

Marisa out ✌

Before & After

Not only do we come to FIT to share our love of creativity, we also come to learn. After only two months of taking FIT Magazine Design classes, I see a noticeable difference in myself and my work. I’m more confident in my abilities to use design programs such as InDesign and PhotoShop. Not only are these abilities useful in the FIT classroom, but they also come in handy when creating other things such as banners, posters, and school presentations.

SO BASICALLY! I have pictures of my work from the first day of class, and also pictures of my finished work. It really amazes me to see the difference, and I would like to show you guys how effective this course has been. The top picture is my back cover advertisement (left) and front cover (right) from the first few weeks of classes. The bottom picture is my finished back cover advertisement (left) and finished front cover (right).







Spending Saturdays with my Best Friend

It’s obvious that the reason most people come to FIT is that they love what they’re doing. But, what also matters is the people you surround yourself with. Since my commute to FIT is somewhat long, it’s great to have my friend Erin join me every Saturday morning. We travel together, take separate classes, meet up after class, grab lunch, and get on the bus. (Occasionally, we go on little city adventures as well!)

Erin is an Interior Design student. In case you aren’t familiar with the field, interior designers study the utilization of space. They draw out floor plans, and pick out paints fabrics, and furniture, all in order to create the best room, house, apartment, or store. They try to really get to know their clients, so they are able to design the perfect room for them.

When Erin and I meet up after class, she shows me the fabrics and paint swatches she picked out, and I show her my magazine spreads that I designed. We really enjoy sharing in each other’s work!

Erin (left) and me (right)

Erin (left) and me (right)

This Precollege course is (unfortunately) ending in two weeks. It really has been a positive experience for both Erin and myself. We were really able to get a feel for what it’s like to study at FIT, and what it’s like to be a designer!




FIT Precollege Influences

Even though I am only five weeks into my first Precollege course at FIT, I have definitely seen changes in myself. FIT is my outlet to channel my creativity and to put all of the ideas I have into action. I have a different mindset during FIT class than I do during, lets say, math (Don’t get me wrong, I also have a passion for logarithms and trig functions). But, while I’m designing at the computer, I need to switch the focus into what looks the best aesthetically. The possibilities are endless, because there is no “wrong” answer.

The program that we are using is called Adobe InDesign. Knowing the tips andScreen Shot 2014-04-03 at 9.56.28 AM tricks of using this program is an extremely useful tool. By downloading it on my own laptop, I am able to use what I have learned from FIT in my everyday life. Using InDesign to spruce up regular high school presentations allows me to practice the program and to learn new things by trial and error.

My FIT Precollege course has also changed the way I view things. Whether we realize it or not, design is everywhere. Everyday products such as soda cans and makeup products involve packaging designers. Packaging Design Advertisements in magazines are put together by designers. Window presentations in stores are done by visual designers, as well. Design is so important, and it’s all around us. This is why I’m so happy to be a part of the FIT Precollege community.


See Ya Around,



After Class Activities

After another day of class, I meet up with my best friend Erin (I will be talking more about her in my upcoming posts) to spend some more time in New York City before heading back home. In my opinion, FIT is in the perfect location. There are so many (great) places to eat and there’s places to shop as well. It’s even nice to just walk around!

My favorite places to eat are Potbelly, The Greek Corner, and Five Guys. Potbelly is the best sandwich place ever. From roast beef to grilled chicken, the possibilities are endless. Not to mention, the strawberry-banana smoothies are awesome.

The Greek Corner is a small diner that’s only a block away from FIT. I’m not going to lie, it’s pretty easy to miss when you’re walking by, but Erin and I love it now that we found it. They have everything, from breakfast food to sandwiches and burgers. Who doesn’t love diner food?

Five Guys, as you probably already know, is a burger chain. The burgers are to die for, and the fries are great too. Sorry if I made you hungry, but these places are the best!

Overall, my Saturdays are pretty great. It’s one thing to be good in a class, but it’s another thing to really love what you’re doing. It’s also great being able to spend a nice afternoon in New York City every week. To be totally honest, I wouldn’t want to spend my Saturdays anywhere else!

This is a photo that Erin took a few weeks ago a few blocks away from FIT. It was raining that day, but the scenery is still so pretty! :)

This is a photo that Erin took a few weeks ago a few blocks away from FIT. It was raining that day, but the scenery is still so pretty! :)








TTFN, Marisa ♥♥