Student Recommendations

Art Supplies

FIT Bookstore
227 West 27th Street
Dubinsky Student Center (Lower Level)

A.I. Friedman
44 West 18th Street
(Between 5th & 6th Ave. )
(212) 243-9000
* 20% discount available

Blick Art Materials
23rd Street
(Between 7th and 8th Ave.)
(212) 675-8699
* 10 % discount available


GiGi Café
307 7th Ave
(Between 27th & 28th Street)

Just Salad
291 7th Ave
(Between 26th & 27th Street)

293 7th Avenue
(Between 26th & 27th Street)

Argo Tea
275 7th Ave.
(Corner of 26th and 7th Ave.)

Café 27
250 W 27th St
(Between 7th Ave & 8th Ave.)

283 7th Avenue
(Corner of 26th and 7th Ave.)

Dunkin Donuts
289 7th Avenue
(Between 26th and 27th Street)

FIT Café,
David Dubinsky Student Center Building Lobby

Panera Bread
330 7th Ave.
(Between 28th St & 29th St)

(A Building Cafe)

175 West 26th Street
(Between 7th and 28th St.)

Taco Bandito
325 8th Avenue
(Between 26th St & 27th St)


75 9th Ave

Brandy Melville
44 Prince St
(Between Mulberry and Mott)

Buffalo Exchange
114 W. 26th Street

Forever 21
50 W 34th St.
(Between 5th Ave & Avenue of the Americas)


7 responses to “Student Recommendations”

  1. emily Avatar

    you should add anthropologie in the flatiron and the vintage stores in the east village under shopping and the restaurant called Cafeteria at 7th and 17th

  2. Mikayla Avatar

    I am very much interested in the pre-college courses that you offer here at FIT. I am a high school sophomore who has always been interested in FIT and the fashion industries that are in New York City. I live in central New Jersey so luckily a commute wont be to much of a problem. If anyone has any more information on the pre-college classes offered here please leave me comment or if someone from the school can contact me at [email protected]. I am looking for any information I can get because this is my dream college and I will do anything that looks good to admissions to get in.
    Thank You
    -Mikayla D.

  3. Haley Bealler Avatar
    Haley Bealler

    I am excited about attending the Summer Live in July. I am looking for housing for the 3 weeks that I will be in New York. If anyone knows of a good place for a 17 year old please let me know.

  4. Alianne (pronounced Allie Anne) Staruszkiewicz Avatar
    Alianne (pronounced Allie Anne) Staruszkiewicz

    Hi Haley,

    I am excited about attending the Summer Live in July too! I am a junior in HS and visited FIT over spring break. I am looking for housing and a room mate. My cousin and his wife live in NY, they are helping me look for housing. I can’t stay with them because they have cats, and I am allergic to cats. Maybe we could find something together.

  5. Fariha Kazi Avatar
    Fariha Kazi

    Hi! I am interesting in the Summer Live program at FIT and I was wondering about housing, and how that works. if anyone knows any places or sharing with roommates please let me know. For summer 2015.

  6. John Carry Avatar

    Good Selections!

  7. melonii Avatar

    I am a shy person. I want to have a career as a fashion designer. I would just like to know what these classes are mainly about and how it helps you pursue your dreams. Since i was 6 i have wanted to go to this college. Thank you,