Instructor Spotlight: Cathy Mallebranche

Cathy Mallebranche is a Brooklyn-born, New York-based fashion and wardrobe stylist. With an interest in all things fashion, arts and entertainment, she walked away from the corporate world,  to pursue her love and sense for fashion. In 2002, with no official background in the fashion industry, she took hold of her own destiny became a fashion stylist assistant. The opportunity was granted by some of New York’s top celebrity stylists at the time and opened many doors to Cathy’s profound venture. Now with 15 years experience and as a lead stylist, Cathy has worked with some of the fashion industry and entertainment’s biggest celebrities, television networks, publications and New York’s Fashion Week shows. As well as work with many well-known industry producers and production companies.

Cathy Mallebranche teaches:
HSX 140: A Week in the Life of a Fashion Show Producer

Teaching Philosophy:
I tell my students: “You are only confined by the walls you build yourself”. Therefore, I say, there are NO walls! If you can envision it, then believe it, and it can be. If you apply yourself and put the effort and work in, then the sky is the limit. And I will encourage them to contribute their own ideas and allow freedom with certain projects; class discussion is essential. I try to be flexible and responsive to their questions, and most of all I want them to enjoy the process!
Industry Experience/Recent Exhibitions:
Cathy recently became one of the newest additions to MTV’s hit show “Wild ‘N Out” wardrobe department. She had clients ranging from BET, Macy’s, T-Mobile, Def Jam and a host of others.
Examples of work by Cathy Mallebranche:

Instructor Spotlight: Gerard Dellova

Professor Gerard Dellova is a Design/Creative Director with proven retail success in Womens, Mens & Kids design/product development and execution for better department stores, specialty stores and company stores. Gerard is experienced in the entire design process from concept inception, fabric selection, spec creation, fit review, to final approval. He has been profiled in WWD, NY Times, People, and Washington Post. Contributed content to “Designing your Fashion Portfolio”; Fairchild 2013.

Professor Dellova teaches:
HAP 101 Your Career as a Fashion Designer

Teaching Philosophy:
I think early understanding of the real options in the fashion industry creates real enduring, happy careers! As I tell the students, the only stupid question is the one you do not ask! Asking questions opens doors and open doors are open minds! I like my students to leave me with a “Critical eye”, saying” is that good? New? Right? Or bad? Old?” I try to teach them creative problem solving, which as designers we do every day!

Industry experience:
GWheels, New York- Chief Creative Director
BARRY BRICKEN [CFDA member] New york-Director of Design and Merchandising
GO SILK, New York – Design and Creative Director
CORBIN, LTD., New York – Director of Design and Merchandising

Consulting for:
Trend House, Defyance, Li and Fung, Exclusively, Misook, Urban Samaritan

Professional Affiliations:
Fashion Group International – Publication Committee, 2001–2006. Writes and review fashion events.
Fashion News Network/Trends – Co VP, Co-chair: Trend Day, Executive committee

Work by Professor Dellova

Instructor Spotlight: Valerie Parker

      Valerie is a creative designer, photographer, filmmaker and producer working around the world on independent projects. Launching her own production company, marketing agency and trekking around the world with a camera in hand led to many discoveries in sustainable development, indigenous culture and ethical fashion. Her passion for storytelling and cutting edge technology led her to develop a tech company and immersive media platform to serve the explosive conscious fashion space. In addition to being the Founder and CEO of the Second World Group, she launched a modern day “Live AID” music, arts and fashion festival called Culture Fest International, and she is also the Founder of the Valerie Parker label featuring her own designs, and the ethical fashion company, Fashionably Fair. Valerie is a United Nations correspondent for the Turkish Journal, covering fashion, arts, and humanitarian issues. Valerie’s career in the fashion industry entails traveling domestically and internationally sourcing innovative materials, scouting designers and working with NGOs. As a multidisciplinary producer and marketer Valerie takes a leadership role in negotiating prices and managing personnel and budgets for an array of projects. More than 18 years ago Valerie founded Second World Foundation, a nonprofit focused on accelerating economic empowerment through development projects and documentary film-making to deepen cultural understanding domestically and internationally.

Valerie Parker teaches: 
HIN 131 International Fashion Marketing 

Teaching Philosophy:
I want my students to become as passionate about their work as I am. My goal is to highlight cutting edge innovations of this world in the context of the course work. Knowledge and proper use of the amazing tools we have today work hand in hand and apply to real life opportunities that await my students. This is an inspiring journey for all of us! 
Industry Experience:
Founder and CEO of Second World immersive e-commerce platform for conscious fashion, innovative materials research and development for new brand, and Fashionably Fair Host/ On Camera correspondent interviewing celebrities like Rosario Dawson.
Valerie is currently working on her first book and screenplay, as well as academic papers with an interest in ethical fashion, culture and materials/technology innovations.

Instructor Spotlight: Daniel DeMatteo

Photo by Marta Regulski

Our dreams and true destinies are within reach when we have the courage to embrace them. Dan’s innate creativity and compelling individualism were overshadowed by hard times that lasted through his adolescence. He lost sight of his destino vero — or true destiny.

One day as he walked by the Fashion Institute of Technology, he caught a glimpse of the destiny before him, it was time to embrace his greatest skills. After creating a design portfolio in one night, FIT found his work so compelling they offered him a space in their Menswear Design program. Despite no previous apparel experience, he quickly moved to the top of his class and was hired by Nicole Miller while still attending the Fashion Institute of Technology.
For over 20 years, Dan made his way through every corner of the fashion industry — and the globe. He conquered design, merchandising, sourcing and beyond for marquee brands and boutiques alike while learning from their successes and failures. Then after years of incubation, Dan launched his own clothing company and brand, Destino Vero, in 2012.

Daniel DeMatteo Teaches:
HMW 157 Intro to menswear Sewing 

Teaching Philosophy:
I take great pride in teaching the next generation of designers, tastemakers and creatives. In my class I focus on the importance of sharpening the students’ skills, leading by example, encouraging a strong work ethic while infusing a sharp attention to detail.  I provide my students with a unique, “on the job experience,”  that parallels the fashion industry’s demands and helps to ensure future success. I have always said, “Integrity is doing the right thing when no one is looking. Quality is a parallel to integrity, especially in fashion.”

Industry Experience:

  • In 2012, Dan launched his own clothing company and brand, Destino Vero
  • GQ Magazine-Bombay Sapphire exhibition, “New Designer of the Year” award ceremony
  • Day for Night exhibition, Menswear design award
  • Italian Trade Commission Exhibition award, Daniel was sent to study and work in Prato, Italy
  • FIT Outstanding Menswear Student Achievement Award, Daniel was sent to study in Paris, France

Work by Daniel DeMatteo:


Instructor Spotlight: Susanna Moyer

Susanna Moyer is a global leader in the fashion industry as well as an educator. She started her fashion design career in Paris working for Christian Dior then leading the design team at Olivier Lapidus. She returned to the US where she founded her namesake brand selling to Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom’s and 250 specialty stores. Since then, she has lead designs teams at Hickey Freeman, Liz Lange, Sigrid Olsen, Liz Claiborne and Xcel Brands. Susanna received her BFA in Fashion Design from Parsons School of Design in NYC.


Professor Moyer teaches:
HSX 085 Designing a Fashion Mini-Collection 
If you are interested in a career in fashion this course will help you explore the process and help you with your preparation to apply to the fashion design program at FIT.

Teaching Philosophy:
I love teaching and mentoring students to help them create their vision and follow their dreams. I am passionate about sharing my experiences with them and giving them the information they need to be successful as a fashion designer in the industry. Knowledge is power and with hard work we can achieve our dreams.

On Precollege Programs:
Teaching Precollege is so rewarding for me because I would have loved to have had the opportunity as a high school student to be exposed to FIT professors and the possibilities in the fashion industry. Precollege classes give students an early start to explore and develop their talents and dreams!

Cotton Incorporated Innovator, IAF World Designer Award.
Work featured in: Italian Vogue, French Vogue, WWD, California Apparel News, Oprah Magazine, Instyle, DNR, Men’s Health, Forbes, and GQ.

Interview with Tim Gunn:

 Work by Susanna Moyer: