Congratulations Danielle!


Student: Danielle Covington
Major: Illustration

Courses taken in Precollege Programs include:
 Precollege High School Intern

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In The Halls: Danie

Student: Danie (18) Bronx, NY
Program: Precollege Intern
Job Title: Social Media Assistant

Describe your personal style?
 I’d like to think I dress like something fuzzy that has a super awesome personality.

Where do you go on your breaks from work?
Dollar Pizza, Taco Bell, or Trader Joes.

What is your favorite thing about interning at FIT?
The opportunity to meet so many of the great professors and students here. It gives you a different perspective on the school itself. My job consists of photographing classes, and updating websites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. I love having the opportunity to intern here while still in high school.

Who or what inspires you?
I’m inspired by all forms of art. I try to see the beauty in the little things that most don’t notice.

What do you want to do after you graduate from college?
Be employed! More specifically become an art teacher or possibly even go into toy design.



Introducing New Precollege Intern: Meghan

Hey guys! My name is Meghan and I’m currently a senior at the High School of Fashion Industries, where I’m lucky enough to major in Marketing. (Don’t be fooled.. my school isn’t as elaborate and glamorous as it may sound.) Don’t get me wrong though! I love my school dearly. They offer us tons of support to help us pursue our dreams. As a marketing student, I’ve taken Fashion Merchandising, Business Law, Data Entry, Visual Presentation, Marketing, Entrepreneurship, and a ton more.

I come from a huge family. I’m talkin’ four-older-brothers-and-a-younger-sister huge. It sounds like the biggest pain in the butt — and trust me, it can be at times, but hey! It’s my life. I grew up in a decent-sized town on Long Island where nothing ever happens. I’m not into the whole “white picket fence” way of life, or the drama, typicality and cattiness that comes with it.  Luckily for me, I was able to transfer schools before I caught a case of the Aberzombie.

FIT has been my dream school since I enrolled in my first Precollege course, Fabric Styling, in the summer of my freshmen year. After taking the course, I realized two things for sure; One, I have to go to FIT, and two, fabric styling was defiantly not for me. The spring of my sophomore year I took Intro. to Traditional and Digital Photography which was an amazing course. (Note: to anyone interested in photography, I strongly recommend you enroll in the class. The darkroom gives you a lot more freedom than digital photography.)

To top off my Precollege career, I was fortunate enough to obtain a scholarship to take a class free of charge – Careers in Advertising and Marketing! Not too shabby if you ask me. After the first day of class, I knew that’s what I wanted to do. I loved everything about advertising, from creating my own marketing plan to planning promotional events.

So that’s where I am right now: Applying for colleges and scholarships, working, interning for FIT, and just trying to get by the rest of my senior year.

Until next time,

Meghan =)


I saw you on that cobblestone street, I whispered “Farewell.”

I asked one student who told me she lived in France,“Why come all the way over here to take classes at FiT?”
“I’ll do anything I can to be surrounded by fashion, and you can’t take classes like these anywhere else” she said.

That’s dedication, and a lot of the students here really love what they do, they love fashion. That was kinda inspiring, considering I LOVE clothes and fashion and clothes and clashion (clothing and fashion together  in one word :D).  I, myself, am also considering whether or not I want to go into the enormous fashion field.

Parting from FiT will indeed be such sweet sorrow, the photography, the weird looks when you run up to a student like “Hey, wanna take a picture?,” the crazy stares just because I’m that beautiful, walking into Room D130 and randomly voguing, prowling the office for more packs of sugar when I’m trying to get my morning cup of tea “just right,” sitting at my station editing tons of faces of students – it will all be missed dearly.

Today is my last day here at FiT, and I’d like to thank everyone for a great experience. Special Shoutouts (you know I had to :p) to Mr.Brian Edwards for being my photography mentor, and explaining to me his love of clowns, Marta for sharing with me the basics of the Polish language, Michele Nagel for being an awesome and scary head honcho, Paige for our mutual love of the 80’s and Zebra Pants, Kareen for that awesome Wall Street Journal Jacket I’ll be sporting this fall, Carissa for those lovely Asian gummies she blessed me with, Eddie for loving food as much as I do, Andrea for being my front office buddy (hope your vacation is quite dandy), Krystle for our mutual love of vintage clothing (Beacon’s Closet here I come), Camille for understanding my Puerto Rican heritage (:p), Eduardo for his cool bags ^.^, and Rada for her lovely sweaters. A special shoutout to my crazy coworker Maria ^.X, good luck with the band; we’re going back to 505!

Hmph, I think that’s everything. Love you FiT, we shall meet again someday. Couldn’t have asked for a better summer this year.

See you around readers!

Best wishes,

Ezekiel D.

PS: Buffalo Exchange, Reminiscence, and just about every other thrift/vintage in the Chelsea area, I may no longer be there to shop every day anymore, but I’ll be back :’)

Goodbye, Blue Sky

Hey, its Maria again, still 16, still not pregnant.

Today is my last day as a Photography/Digital Media Intern, and looking back on this summer is just completely unreal. I never thought I could get paid to do what I love and be surrounded by such helpful, caring, accepting, and genuine people. Being that my high school is three blocks away, I don’t feel as though this is my last time I’ll see the amazing staff at FIT.

The students probably remember me as the girl with the camera walking around taking pictures. I remember them as the kids who didn’t  let me take their pictures. But the people in D-130 are those who made my summer truly special. The lovely ladies and men at the front, Rada, Kareen, Andrea, Krystle, and Eduardo, the hilarious people in the “senior center,” Paige, Camile, Eddie, and Carrissa, the most intimidating and sweetest boss of all time, Michele, the super sweet Jessica who loved my homemade mango milkshake, the cutest polish princess ever Marta, and the greatest boss of all time, the super cute and super skinny Brian Edwards, who has been my mentor and the person I look up to for the past 2 months, who from that very first interview was warm and welcoming and fun as heck.

To put how great this summer has been into words would be impossible. I hope you all enjoyed my “In The Halls” posts!  Thank you to everyone who have made it special.

Oh, and I’ve saved up enough money for my drum set. Rock on!
Goodbye blog readers, have a nice life.

Maria Rivas
The greatest intern of all time