Introducing New Precollege Intern: Ezekiel

Namaste! (That’s hello in Hindu^.^) I’m Ezekiel Dicks, a Digital Photography and Website Assistant intern at FIT. I’m from Harlem,NY. I’ve graduated high school at the age of 16 and will be attending college in the Fall. I’m a writer, I enjoy poetry and many genres of literature. I plan to major in archaeology in the future, at least for the time being- I find the study of past cultures, societies and human characteristics in general to be very interesting. But I’m not just a hipster who enjoys old things, I love traveling, trying new foods, going new places, shopping-and I do mean shopping, and photography (of course).

I value expression, being able to openly exhibit who I am through several mediums, style of dressing being one of them. I find my interests in some things to be nostalgic at times, I love incorporating styles from later eras into my own style. Fashion for me is a means to projecting my self-image and personality. I dress according to how I feel, the weird patterns and prints, I dress knowing that the clothing concealing my skin means more to me than expensive fabric or a label.

“If you ask me what I came to do in this world, I, an artist, will tell you: I am here to live out loud.”-Emile Zola

I’d say “Dare to be Different,” but that seems too cliché, we are all different by nature, so why not live differently. Aspire to be!


Introducing New Precollege Intern: Maria

16 and not pregnant, my name is Maria Rivas. I go to High School of Fashion Industries and art is basically my life. I’ve had two art shows at the MoMA, and one photography show at the Rubin Museum of Art. I’ve lived in brooklyn my entire life, though recently its only where I lay my head to sleep. Though I’m only entering my senior year in September, I’ve got plans for the future. I will be attending Hunter College (they don’t have a choice, they WILL accept me.). I’ll get my bachelors in Art History, then a Masters in Museum Studies, then eventually I will get my PhD. I will become the curator for the MoMA by the age of 27. Watch out world.

Green Day, System of a Down, The Doors, The Beatles, Pink Floyd, Sex Pistols, Misfits, Arctic Monkeys, Helmut Newton, Cindy Sherman, Ansel Adams, Stanley Kubrick, Willem De Kooning, and the all mighty Van Gogh are my greatest inspirations and idols. When I’m not practicing yoga, taking pictures or listening to music, I’m sculpting metal wire, studying the piano and music theory, or practicing to be the greatest drummer in the world. I currently have two jobs, one at FIT as a digital photographer and website assistant, and the other at a hospital cafe, working my way to buying my own drum set and my own piano. 

I’m like a pomegranate, you have to get past the outside to get to the good stuff. And even then you have to keep picking at it.


It’s Never The Right Time to Say Goodbye…

I’ve had the time of my life…and I owe it all to FIT !

I wish I had a time machine, I’d travel back in time or even pause the moments I knew I would never receive again. Right now I wish I can pause and stay here at FIT in the Precollege office. My time of being the big senior is almost over and I find myself having to say goodbye to FIT to move into the next chapter of my life, which I like to call: The “REAL” world.

Stay in the office too long ...this is what happens.

Okay so here’s my background story

I was hired as an intern to basically help out with the blog – Brian’s assistant to run the show!
I knew that I would be all over the place – what with my other job and school and whatnot.  As an  intern, I was given tasks and I always knew what I needed to contribute to fulfill those tasks but I never knew that FIT would become such a big part of my heart. I can truly say I have an emotional attachment to D130, Precollege and to FIT.

I walked into this office a 17 year old girl starting her senior year and I am leaving an adult starting college. I have grown so much in such a small period of time that the words “Thank You” cannot express my gratitude enough. I have met the greatest people I could ever encounter in my entire life! I have received the best advice, the best constructive criticism, the best friendships and my truest laughs…Who ever knew that could all happen in one office ?!

I feel like this is saying goodbye to one chapter of my life, but the life long memories and lifelong friendships will never fade. I consider D130 to my home away from home; my home in New York City.

So while I tear knowing this is my last post, I smile because I know these memories will never fade.
If you ask me what I’d miss the most? The fine line between every and thing, along with the squeaky chairs!

Got a comment? Write it below. I ALWAYS LOVE THEM! Tell me how you feel!

I will miss you all! 

Friends! Alexus (another Precollege intern) and me.


Introducing Precollege Intern: Martha

Precollege Digital Photographer and Website Assistant Intern

Hey Hey Hey!!

My name is Martha and I am 17 years old and I live in the Bronx. When some people hear someone is from the Bronx they usually think ghetto, rough and possibly lazy. None of those things are me… not even close. I have a very colorful personality (when you get to know me). Every time I meet someone new I hear about how mean I look and how quiet I am. Well that’s only cause no one really takes the time to know people these days. I love making new friends and finding new places to go. I love to explore Manhattan, when I get the chance to of course. If I am not exploring, I am off somewhere working or possibly tripping over thin air (not everyone can do that you know).

Okay so you’re obviously reading this and this is obviously a blog. Well, yeah duhh! But, it’s not just any small ridiculous blog that’s filled with tons of teen angst. NO! It’s FIT’s blog. Oh yeah, how many people get to say that (not including the people that are already on here)? Well because I am such a gentleman I will answer that for you; not many people.

I love photography! Ever since I was 7 years old I have been infatuated with the idea of not having to draw my own picture and listen to people ramble on about how I don’t color in the lines. Now of course that isn’t the only reason I love photography – oh, no – there are many other reasons. I’ll give you one more and I will try to make it as cheesy sounding as possible… People say a picture is worth a thousand words. I don’t believe in that. I believe that a picture is worth a lifetime of memories and each one leads to a beautiful beginning. There, now didn’t I tell you it was going to be cheesy?

I haven’t taken any classes at FIT nor have I signed up for any. Why you ask? Well, I lead a very busy lifestyle and never really have the time to take classes anywhere. School even, I only have two classes because I intern at this amazing college (FIT) and also because well I work other places as well. Currently I have a portfolio that is in the process of being made. When I am here, I feel like this is the perfect place for me.

Finally this is coming to an end. I hope I didn’t blind you with my craziness and maybe, just maybe you guys got a little clue about who I am and which end of the line I come from. Again, FIT is an amazing place to be and it adds on to how amazing NYC is. I am super excited to be writing on this blog and sharing everything I know with you guys. Maybe I will even become a permanent blogger for FIT. Just kidding, just kidding. Maybe you guys won’t have to hear from me again. Or will you?

With loads of invisible love,

Are you ready for this?

Guess who’s back ?
If you guessed ME, you are correct! * I think we have a winner *

Seriously, are you ready for round two? I don’t think you can handle it! I am back and I am ready to catch all my fashionable victims. :)

So this is just a quick recap of what you have missed . . .
– I finally applied to FIT! (* fingers crossed *)
– I finished all of my college applications actually…HOORAY!
– I turned 18 & have a license! whoot whoot !
– I did A LOT of fashion research while I was gone
– I am currently started my own little fashion website, when it is up and running I’ll let you all know.

Who ever knew that work could be so much fun

BUT most importantly I am back in the office and I am so happy!

The month away really showed me how much I love FIT and how much I enjoy being in the Precollege Office. On that note I am very excited to see what the blog has in store for everyone this semester I know a lot of cool things are coming about!  If any of you have any suggestions as to what you want me to ask my fashionable ladies and swag surfing gentlemen for in the halls; please feel free to comment below! I always love suggestions, comments, concerns and questions. It’s time to get the show on the road!