Goodbye, Blue Sky

Hey, its Maria again, still 16, still not pregnant.

Today is my last day as a Photography/Digital Media Intern, and looking back on this summer is just completely unreal. I never thought I could get paid to do what I love and be surrounded by such helpful, caring, accepting, and genuine people. Being that my high school is three blocks away, I don’t feel as though this is my last time I’ll see the amazing staff at FIT.

The students probably remember me as the girl with the camera walking around taking pictures. I remember them as the kids who didn’t  let me take their pictures. But the people in D-130 are those who made my summer truly special. The lovely ladies and men at the front, Rada, Kareen, Andrea, Krystle, and Eduardo, the hilarious people in the “senior center,” Paige, Camile, Eddie, and Carrissa, the most intimidating and sweetest boss of all time, Michele, the super sweet Jessica who loved my homemade mango milkshake, the cutest polish princess ever Marta, and the greatest boss of all time, the super cute and super skinny Brian Edwards, who has been my mentor and the person I look up to for the past 2 months, who from that very first interview was warm and welcoming and fun as heck.

To put how great this summer has been into words would be impossible. I hope you all enjoyed my “In The Halls” posts!  Thank you to everyone who have made it special.

Oh, and I’ve saved up enough money for my drum set. Rock on!
Goodbye blog readers, have a nice life.

Maria Rivas
The greatest intern of all time