How can FIT’s Precollege Programs help you on your Advertising Journey

FIT’s Precollege Advertising and Marking Communications program prides itself on being about more than fashion. The skills learned in an adverting class are translatable into almost any type of ad-work.

Quality and persuasive writing is a fundamental skill for everyone-particularly when writing college admissions essays or cover letters for job applications.

FIT’s Precollege summer and weekend programs have a lot to offer to high school students who are passionate about Advertising and Marketing.

11-session Precollege Courses
We recommend a high school Precollege Program Live class:

4-day Precollege Workshops
We recommend a high school Precollege Workshop:

  • A Week in the Life of a Creative Director- learn how to develop and extend a brand through marketing and advertising.
  • Fashion Journalism- develop your skills by writing and editing fashion news and feature stories.
    Summer Session   Fall Session   Spring Session

1-day Creative Career Series
On Saturday, March 30th, spend the afternoon with writing strategy “guru” Barry Gold. Barry will go over his journey as an award-winning copywriter and give some pro tips to aspiring creatives.

Wherever you are on your journey, there is a FIT Precollege Program learning experience for you!

Dont Miss Me Too Much

Sadly, my class has come to an end. My mood board is being perfected and when I finish I will be emailing my professor for feedback. Now, I know all the skills I need to get into FIT. Professor Cutting made it easy and clear on how to make everything perfect and neat. He taught me how to photoshop my background, shade and cut out my fashion figures, how to cut swatches and how to make everything the best I can.

When my portfolio is complete, It will look something like this:




But, don’t miss me too much, FIT. In the summer I will be taking a sewing class to create a denim jacket to add to my portfolio. I will be focusing on my portfolio this summer and hopefully, I will be accepted into FIT. 

I am a dream chaser and I will not let anything stop me from accomplishing my goal. I hope one day I’ll become a big brand designer for swimwear and will be able to thank FIT. I highly recommend classes at FIT because it made everything seem possible and taught me things that I had no idea about in the past. Being successful means you have to work hard at everything you do and don’t let any obstacles break you or stop you from completing your goal. What is your goal in life? 

Keep in touch with me:

~Isabella Basile

Expectations vs. Reality: Precollege

When enrolling in Precollege, I had a lot of misconceptions about the program and a lot of expectations that actually turned out to be very close to reality. Putting oneself in a situation that for many people is foreign, can be nerve-wracking. The following are some expectations I had of Precollege at FIT, and what the reality turned out to be.









Expectation: The environment would be intense, competitive, and stressful.

Reality: The environment at FIT is supportive and helpful. There is no denying that the courses are very educational, but it is not nearly as similar to a normal high school or middle school setting as it may appear. It is not to say that the environment of the class is not sufficient, but rather that the environment is perfectly appropriate. The community of students and professors involved in Precollege is lovely, and I am yet to meet anyone who expresses any aggression at all.

Expectation: The emphasis on paperwork would be heavy in order to calculate grades, and there would be tests.

Reality: I can’t speak for the other classes, but at least in my classes and in those of other students who I’ve spoken to, the amount of paperwork is minimal. The grading system is almost always based on rubrics and project work, including a final project. Again, I can’t speak for every class, but in the course I am taking, there are no tests and our final is an artistic portfolio assignment that is very open in concept and in grading.

Expectation: We would never leave the FIT campus.

Reality: My class has left the FIT campus several times to go on field trip style walks around the city in the area. It has always been safe, staying in a group and never being more than about a mile radius outside of the campus, but going outdoors has definitely had a positive impact on my experience. I was gifted with a lot of inspiration and the quality of my work and photos has improved.

Expectation: The class populations would be large, and the teaching would mostly be lecture-based.

Reality: The classes are not overpopulated at all. My class has around 15 students, and the course is super individualized. It’s a teaching style that I really benefit from, and I think most students would agree because it’s easy to stay focused. The class keeps the students extremely involved in the work with hands-on and visual methods. This is super helpful to me and to artistic right-side brain learners, who have trouble listening to something like a lecture and taking in the information.

Overall, Precollege has exceeded my expectations by far, and I am so grateful for it.

Chloe Abidi

Processing film is much harder than it seems

Welcome back to my 3rd blog post! I have been quite busy this week so this post might be a little late. This week I have been taking photos for my class. Our homework this week was to take pictures with a theme. My theme is action shots. I have been taking pictures of my team members in gymnastics doing flips and different events. I am also going to try to take pictures of some of my friends playing lacrosse.









Anyways, last class was so much fun: I got to process film. Since I missed one class to attend the March for Our Lives in Washington, D.C., I am a little behind. Processing film is so much harder than I expected. The first thing we had to do is roll the film in the developing tank. The developing tank looks like a car wheel except it is much much smaller. We practiced putting the film on our developing tank using fake film so we wouldn’t ruin the film with our actual photos. After practice, we went into the darkroom and put our film on the developing tank. It was very hard. I could not do it so a classmate helped me out:

  • Then we put the developing tank in 3 different types of chemicals. The developing tank stayed in each chemical for about 10 minutes. The length of time depends on what kind of film you have.
  • We then put the tank in water for 10 minutes.
  • Afterward, we took the film off the developing tank and put it into a type of vent. The film stayed in there for 20 minutes.

Then we finally got to see the negatives of our photos. It’s hard to see them. Here is a photo of the negative strip. If you hold the negative in the light you can see it much clearer. This was such a great experience. I cannot wait to process the negatives into photos in our next class. See you guys in a flash!


Looking to my Inspirations

The hardest part of my morning is hands down deciding on what to wear. I can spend hours adding and taking away layers, scouring through my closet and drawers, basically wrecking my room until it is unrecognizable, until I find the perfect combination. When I’m deciding on this perfect combo, usually depending on my mood that day and what I want to express through my clothing, I look at my eclectic choices of inspirations and role models in the fashion industry who always have the upper hand on style and flair.

My first candidate for outfit inspiration is Rachel Zoe. With her bohemian glam glow and endless stock of bell bottoms I find myself wearing fringe vests and flare jeans more and more everyday.

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For those days I can not bare to get up and just need something comfy yet trendy to get me through my day, I look to this generation’s It girl, Gigi Hadid. She is the queen of all things street style and athleisure wear (and of the runway).

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A type of style only few can conquer, the side of fashion with no rules, I save for the days I want to make a statement and display boldness. From mixed prints, to colors no one would ever imagine together, Iris Apfel and Leandra Medine (Founder of ) have this scene covered.

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Who I like to think of as a style doppelgänger of myself, Danielle Bernstein (Founder of ) is an entrepreneur, businesswoman, fashion blogger and a newly emerging designer. On top of her accomplishments she is also a fashion chameleon who is always on top of trends and never misses a chance to put her own spin on things, and not to mention, she is one of FIT’s very own alumna.

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Until next time,