How can FIT’s Precollege Programs help you on your Interior Design Journey

Interior Design is one of the most popular majors at FIT. Interior designers create worlds inside walls with their creative layouts, material and lighting choices. But don’t confuse design with decorating. Interior Design is essentially interior architecture and is in the field of technical design.
11-session Precollege Courses
We recommend a high school Precollege Live Class:
4-day workshops
We recommend a high school Precollege Workshop:
  • Model Building- make a basic architectural model, either as a hobby or as the 3-D model building component required for many admissions portfolios.
  • Exploring Interior Design delve into the interior design industry, learning how to create aesthetic environments. Develop client boards and take trips to showrooms to immerse yourself in the world of a New York interior designer.
    Summer Session   Fall Session   Spring Session
1-day Creative Career Series
On Saturday March 30th, spend the afternoon with interior designer Shannon Leddy. Shannon will explain her journey from interior design student to owner and principal of her own firm, Shannon M. Leddy Interior Design.

Wherever you are on your journey, there is a Precollege learning experience for you!