Instructor Spotlight: Sooo-z Mastropietro

Sooo-z Mastropietro, a graduate of the Fashion Institute of Technology in Fashion Design and Textile Design, has taught art and fashion design in a variety of settings including the Quick Center at Fairfield University and the Aldrich Museum. Sewing since the age of seven, she turned to her own raw skills to define her self expression through her wardrobe. Her brand “Mastropiece” began as a silk painting business for wearable designs and now serves as a general umbrella for all things Sooo-z from fine art, to socks, to tableware. Her other endeavors have included community sculptural projects, curating, judging art shows, artist in residences, and classical bass playing.


Sooo-Z Mastropietro Teaches:
JSX 011 Fashion Art: Silhouettes
JSX 013 Fashion Art: Faces and Figures

Teaching Philosophy:
I love it when my students realize they can do something they weren’t sure they could do after they’ve had a little guidance and inspiration. It’s about approaching the challenge, breaking down the problem, and rebuilding the answer into their own interpretation. It’s a great feeling to create something bigger than what you started with.

Industry Experience:
Sooo-Z has served as an art director, curator, and gallery director and now works on her own collection of fine art and develops select product lines. Her current work under the moniker, Knitiot Savant, is a unique fiber art form utilizing a triumph of fabric tubes, nuggets, and shreds. She has shown all over the country in juried shows and has appeared internationally in publications. Sooo-z recently had her installation, “MicroFiberOrganism,” featured at the newly re-opened library in Westport, CT.

Work by Sooo-z Mastropietro:


Congratulations Accepted Precollege Students

Congratulations to all of our amazing Precollege alumni who got accepted to FIT for fall 2019!!! Whether you took one or six classes with us, we are so proud of you! Some of the majors featured here are: Photography and Related Media, Advertising and Marketing Communications, Fashion Design and Fashion Business Management.

Special shoutout to Faith who did an amazing job blogging about her Precollege Styling class at the Fashion Institute of Technology back in 2016.

Can’t wait to see you all in September!

Precollege student posing with FIT mascot tiger Stitch @haydenlrobinson image from official instagram account


How can FIT’s Precollege Programs help you on your Artist’s Journey

The painter Chuck Close is quoted as saying “Inspiration is for amateurs—the rest of us just show up and get to work.” To be a professional artist takes skill and studio discipline. Workshops and courses taught by artists will help you develop the studio practice you need to be a full-time artist.
11-session Precollege Courses
We recommend a high school Precollege Live Class:
  • Basic Life Drawing –  learn how to draw the figure from a live model.
  • Design Composition and Color Theory  explore design principles and color mixing in a studio art environment.
  • Fine Arts Portfolio – get your portfolio ready with an assessment from a college professor and create any pieces missing for a dynamic application.

Summer Precollege Session   Fall Precollege Session
Spring Precollege Session

4-day workshops
We recommend a high school Precollege Workshop:
  • Observational Drawing for Portfolios – learn how to draw what you see, not from reference photos, for portfolio development.
  • Portraits for Portfolios – from self-portraits to drawing a person from observation, portraiture is a critical skill for artists and usually required in art and design portfolios.

Summer Session   Fall Session   Spring Session

1-day Creative Career Series
On Saturday March 30th, spend the afternoon with artist Melissa Starke. Melissa will go over her journey from art student artist and gallery curator and director!

Wherever you are on your journey, there is a Precollege learning experience for you!

How can FIT’s Precollege Programs help you on your Photographic Journey

Photography is such a versatile skill. In our increasingly visual world, being able to take a well-staged and well-edited (#notwithafilter) photo is practically mandatory.
Artists, designers, and makers of all sorts – photography classes are for you too! Being able to photograph and edit your work for print and web is essential in your fields as well!
11-session Precollege Courses
Learning from professionals in FIT’s labs and classrooms is an excellent introduction to the craft. We recommend a high school Precollege Live Class:
4-day Workshops
Another way to sharpen your photo skills is by focusing on a specific type of photography, such as fashion or portrait. Take a fun 4-day Workshop learning in FIT’s darkroom or photo studios.
  • HSX 109 Photographic Darkroom for Beginners
  • HSX 110 Photography Portrait Workshop
  • HSX 111 Fashion Photography Workshop                                                   Summer Session   Fall Session   Spring Session
1-day Creative Career Series
Saturday April 6th, photographer Megan Madden will be discussing her photography journey from FIT graduate to photographer for Refinery29.

Wherever you are on your journey, there is a Precollege learning experience for you!

How can FIT’s Precollege Programs help you on your Fashion Journey

Fashion designers from all over the world get their start at FIT. Many come back to learn even more skills, to stay on the cutting edge of fashion design and development. FIT has concentrations in menswear or womenswear.
Whether you’ve been creating your own fashions since you were a tiny tot or just decided yesterday you were meant to be a designer, Precollege can get you set up with the skills you need to start or improve!
11-session Precollege Courses
We recommend a high school Precollege Live Class:
4-day workshops
We recommend a high school Precollege Workshop:
  • Designing a Fashion Mini Collection – learn how to develop a womenswear collection using mix and match techniques
  • Menswear Fashion Illustration  learn how to translate your ideas into a menswear collection.
  • A Week in the Life of a Menswear Designer – shadow a menswear designer to see how the design world works
  • Simply Sewing  get the basics of sewing on a residential machine.
  • Introduction to Draping Using Half Scale – ease your way into fashion draping using easy-to-manage small scale mannequins.
  • Fashion Design Finding Inspiration – go from idea to mood board, to creative collection for evening or ready-to-wear.
  • Costume and Couture Rendering – learn how to use markers and colored pencils to make your designs look realistic.
  • A Week in the Life of a Fashion Designer – shadow a womenswear designer to see how the design world works.
  • Wearable Technology: Fashion Meets Function – learn how to add the latest tech innovations into your fashion collections.
    Summer Session    Fall Session    Spring Session
1-day Creative Career Series
On Saturday, April 13th, spend the afternoon with fashion designer, Christopher Uvenio. Christopher will go over his journey from fashion school to working for design houses such as Todd Olham and Anna Sui.
Wherever you are on your journey, there is a Precollege learning experience for you!