How can FIT’s Precollege Programs help you on your Artist’s Journey

The painter Chuck Close is quoted as saying “Inspiration is for amateurs—the rest of us just show up and get to work.” To be a professional artist takes skill and studio discipline. Workshops and courses taught by artists will help you develop the studio practice you need to be a full-time artist.
11-session Precollege Courses
We recommend a high school Precollege Live Class:
  • Basic Life Drawing –  learn how to draw the figure from a live model.
  • Design Composition and Color Theory  explore design principles and color mixing in a studio art environment.
  • Fine Arts Portfolio – get your portfolio ready with an assessment from a college professor and create any pieces missing for a dynamic application.

Summer Precollege Session   Fall Precollege Session
Spring Precollege Session

4-day workshops
We recommend a high school Precollege Workshop:
  • Observational Drawing for Portfolios – learn how to draw what you see, not from reference photos, for portfolio development.
  • Portraits for Portfolios – from self-portraits to drawing a person from observation, portraiture is a critical skill for artists and usually required in art and design portfolios.

Summer Session   Fall Session   Spring Session

1-day Creative Career Series
On Saturday March 30th, spend the afternoon with artist Melissa Starke. Melissa will go over her journey from art student artist and gallery curator and director!

Wherever you are on your journey, there is a Precollege learning experience for you!