How can FIT’s Precollege Programs help you on your Advertising Journey

FIT’s Precollege Advertising and Marking Communications program prides itself on being about more than fashion. The skills learned in an adverting class are translatable into almost any type of ad-work.

Quality and persuasive writing is a fundamental skill for everyone-particularly when writing college admissions essays or cover letters for job applications.

FIT’s Precollege summer and weekend programs have a lot to offer to high school students who are passionate about Advertising and Marketing.

11-session Precollege Courses
We recommend a high school Precollege Program Live class:

4-day Precollege Workshops
We recommend a high school Precollege Workshop:

  • A Week in the Life of a Creative Director- learn how to develop and extend a brand through marketing and advertising.
  • Fashion Journalism- develop your skills by writing and editing fashion news and feature stories.
    Summer Session   Fall Session   Spring Session

1-day Creative Career Series
On Saturday, March 30th, spend the afternoon with writing strategy “guru” Barry Gold. Barry will go over his journey as an award-winning copywriter and give some pro tips to aspiring creatives.

Wherever you are on your journey, there is a FIT Precollege Program learning experience for you!