Friendships at FIT

Hi Again, FIT!

For my past two FIT classes, Intro to the Fashion Industry and Fashion Design Industry (the class I’m taking now), my good friend Grace and I have been taking these classes together. These classes have allowed us to grow closer and get to know one another better. It also makes the experience even more fun because you always have someone to hang out with after class; it’s fun to shop, go to lunch, or just to chill at Starbucks. Going to class with a friend also makes the 1st day of class much less awkward because you have someone to talk to. Of course I like to introduce myself but it’s also nice to have someone familiar there.

I can say that making friends is not my priority at FIT. I don’t mean this in a snobbish way; I’m there to learn. I love to socialize and talk but it’s not like I’m going to talk, talk, talk to the point that I don’t know what’s going on in class and class goes by in a whirl. I have made some friends though. In my last class there was only like 8 people, making it my favorite class. We were like a little family. I loved how small the class was. In this class I made friends with Erin. She’s really nice and helpful with draping.

On a whole other note, class was definitely easier for me this week. I finally figured out how to pin those darts! I was making everything sooooooooo much more complicated than it was! I got much better at pinning. I see myself improving. I figured out how to use these funny tools that I’ve never even heard of before this class such as a french curve, hip curve, and style tape. I finished making the half of the muslin skirt (I’m not sure why we’re only doing one half.) and we started the waistband. Next week we will begin the bodice. That is sure to be an experience. I’m not sure if I’m excited, nervous, or a combination of the two. More updates next week! :o)

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    If this life you want to have honest and good friends that support you mentally and physically