A Bittersweet Ending

As the past couple days have gone by, I have realized I’m not returning to FIT the following week. My alarm will ring for 6:50 AM and I will simply sigh, turn it off, and take in the harsh reality of nnot returning to the place I love.

These past three weeks have been the highlight of my summer. (And probably of my year) I mean, come on, it’s FIT.. It’s unlike anywhere else.

The classes I took this year were outstanding. I made some remarkable new friends who I will DEFINITELY keep in contact with. I even found my roommate for FIT! (If I get in!) My experience here was phenomenal. I wish I was a freshman so I can take even more Precollege classes! Unfortunately, I live too far away to attend classes during the Fall or Spring. What a shame.

I hope I get good marks on all my final projects. I am so anxious to view them! They are getting posted on August 2nd, so remember to check them out!

My jacket (from my sewing class) turned out phenomenal! I ordered a bunch of spikes and studs from this really cool website. I can’t wait to go home and apply them to my jacket! I’m also going to distress it with sand paper! In my first class I also made a t-shirt. It’s a grey jersey knit t-shirt with a ballet neckline and long sleeves. It’s the comfiest t-shirt IN THE WORLD!

I’m so excited to return home and start working on my portfolio. I think I will include my jacket in my portfolio.. I worked so hard on it and I am so proud of myself!

How were your classes? Do you think you will return to FIT? How did your final projects turn out?

Overall, my last day was filled with excitement, a sense of pride, sadness, and some realizations for the future. I was excited that all my hard work was finally completed. I had a sense of pride in myself, and in the work I created. A sense of sadness because I am leaving the place and people I have grown to adore. And the realization that if I don’t work hard, I may never return to FIT.. And that simply won’t do.

I hope you all had a wonderful experience at FIT, I know I did!

I do not want to say goodbye to any of you people” -Christa McAuliffe

Your Care Tag,


My New Besties!

One of the things that I love so much about FIT precollege is making new friends.  Everyone that I meet at FIT is unique and comes from a different place with a different story.  This semester I am lucky to be in a relatively small class, so getting to know everyone was a breeze.  Some people from my class are from New Jersey, others Upstate, some from Long Island (like me!), and some are from the city.  Going on adventures after class is not always fun when you’re alone (and not smart if you know nothing about the subway), so luckily my new best friends are more than happy to join me for lunch, shopping, and just enjoying the city.  It’s also nice that I have so many friends from FIT Precollege because in a year when I hopefully get accepted to FIT, finding a roomate will not be a problem for me. c:


P.S. I’ll get some pictures of my class up here eventually, this week was just crazy because we did our shoe photoshoot.

Friendships at FIT

Hi Again, FIT!

For my past two FIT classes, Intro to the Fashion Industry and Fashion Design Industry (the class I’m taking now), my good friend Grace and I have been taking these classes together. These classes have allowed us to grow closer and get to know one another better. It also makes the experience even more fun because you always have someone to hang out with after class; it’s fun to shop, go to lunch, or just to chill at Starbucks. Going to class with a friend also makes the 1st day of class much less awkward because you have someone to talk to. Of course I like to introduce myself but it’s also nice to have someone familiar there.

I can say that making friends is not my priority at FIT. I don’t mean this in a snobbish way; I’m there to learn. I love to socialize and talk but it’s not like I’m going to talk, talk, talk to the point that I don’t know what’s going on in class and class goes by in a whirl. I have made some friends though. In my last class there was only like 8 people, making it my favorite class. We were like a little family. I loved how small the class was. In this class I made friends with Erin. She’s really nice and helpful with draping.

On a whole other note, class was definitely easier for me this week. I finally figured out how to pin those darts! I was making everything sooooooooo much more complicated than it was! I got much better at pinning. I see myself improving. I figured out how to use these funny tools that I’ve never even heard of before this class such as a french curve, hip curve, and style tape. I finished making the half of the muslin skirt (I’m not sure why we’re only doing one half.) and we started the waistband. Next week we will begin the bodice. That is sure to be an experience. I’m not sure if I’m excited, nervous, or a combination of the two. More updates next week! :o)

Yours in Fashion,


F.I.T.’s Three Amigos!

Throughout the past two sessions at FIT, I have made a tremendous amount of friends. People ranging from Connecticut, to Pennsylvania, to even Ireland. Friends from all walks of life, all religions, all nationalities, and all sexualities. This semester, however, I made one friend who stands out in my mind. She lives about 30 minutes away from me – she’s from Smith town and I’m from West Islip (Long Island bound!). She’s outspoken, caring, and crazy, so we mesh well. She doesn’t care what others think about her and she does what she wants when she wants and she doesn’t care what anyone has to say about it. She’s so fabulous, I can’t even handle it sometimes.

Another friend I made is Daniela. She attends my BOCES program during the week, and we have become best friends. When I met her, we just clicked. She also takes FIT classes in the morning, so every Saturday the three of us hangout after class. Unlike Alex and I, she is much more quiet and to herself. Ironically, us three just click. We usually get something to eat at Subway, or get something to drink at Starbucks once class is over. We always talk about our reality-show-like lives and help each other through some strange situations. We are like the three amigos, I swear.
Us three are and will continue to be inseparable. FIT really creates such strong bonds between the most unlikely of people.

Has FIT brought about any unlikely relationships to you? Tell me about it !:D


“Fun School” Routine

Every Saturday morning, I wake up at 6AM and go about my usual morning routine. Sometimes, waking up this early on a Saturday is dreadful, but I constantly tell myself “You’re going to “fun school, remember?!” I know once I get to my class, I won’t regret waking up early and will wake up from my coma-like attitude.

After waking up, I continue my morning and go on the LIRR (8:10 train to Penn Station from Babylon). This train ride is less crowded than when I used to take the train during the week during my summer classes. The people are surprisingly much more normal on the weekend.

After blasting my music (Usually Nicki Minaj) for about and hour and 15 minutes, I arrive at Penn Station. As I walk through Madison Square Garden, onto the streets of NYC, a gust of wind greets me to the city that never sleeps. The rush begins and I make my way to FIT, the greatest place on earth.

I get a rush of adrenaline and continue up the escalators onto my class (Fashion Art for Fashion Designers). That’s when the excitement begins to build. We quickly start drawing and rendering and it makes the time go by so fast! Before you know it, I am halfway through the class and we have our 15 minute break. Usually, me and newest FIT friend, Alex, go to the FIT cafe which is right next to the FIT supply store. We usually order 2 Carmel Macchatas (Highly recommend it !!).

Once our class comes to an end, we go to Subway and get 2 foot long heros. After stuffing our faces, we go back on the train back to Long Island.


FIT weekend classes is filled of overall fun, creativity, and education that will help you in the fashion Industry. What do you do during your classes/breaks? Tell me here! :D