Chilling With The Friends/My Favorite Places To Go

Going to these Precollege classes gives me a wonderful opportunity to meet lots of interesting and new people. I take two classes full of them. Sometimes it’s hard to make new friends but once you open up, everyone is honestly really cool and down to earth.

Everyone here wants to get into FIT. I’ve met a couple of girls that share the same interests as me and many even want to get in to do the same things I do. We all want to have our own international fashion line. We all love designing and making our on clothes. And we all want to be famous some day.

We talk about other things we have in common too. I’ve met people that love to travel as much as I do, we talk about our favorite stores and places to shop, we have a lot of the same favorite bands and talk about the newest albums that just came out, our celebrity crushes and idols, etc. we usually talk about this kind of stuff over breaks or between classes.

Usually if we have break, everyone makes a run for Starbucks. My personal favorite break beverage is the caramel frappacino covered in whip cream. Sometimes the lines are a little ridiculous, that’s why theres always plan B: The cafe across the street from the C-building. That place has literally the best shakes I’ve ever had and its definitely one of my favorite spots near campus. I even go there after first class sometimes. If not Pret is the place to be. They’re organic and I haven’t met one person in class who doesn’t absolutely love it.

At second break, I usually just stay on campus with the girls. My second class is full of people with the most unique personalities. There’s never a dull moment. I don’t think there has been one day with them that I haven’t spent happy and just laughing hysterically. The friends I’ve made make the Precollege experience even better. (:



Hello everyone!  When I registered for FIT, I registered with my longtime friend and FIT blogger Martina.  Here’s a picture of the two of us on Coney Island, taken by our friend Leila.  Martina’s on the left, and I’m on the right.  Can’t wait for some warm weather so we can get back to these summertime adventures…Ruby and Martina

The two of us have been friends since 6th grade and we’ve been though quite a few sartorial phases together… not all of them were so great (especially the ones involving hair dye).  We knew FIT Precollege would allow us to pursue our interest in fashion, while we could also specialize in our different fields of interest.  Of course we were both really excited when we heard about the blogging program and signed up together!  Martina and I have been friends since long before we started at FIT, but the class has provided us with an opportunity to see each other and catch up each week.  During breaks we go to Starbucks, and after class we always get lunch at Pret near FIT.  We love chatting over sandwiches, and some weeks we do a bit of shopping (mainly for sewing supplies) afterwards.   Of course, FIT’s Precollege Programs has allowed me to meet people who I’m not already close with.  All of the girls in my class are very sweet and we always share tips about our patterns or ask each other for advice.  We share our mistakes and successes with pinning and hemming.

The FIT community is very welcoming.  However, I do recommend signing up for Precollege Programs with a friend.  Martina and I take different classes, but we have a great time seeing each other each Saturday.  It’s so fun meeting all the new people at FIT, and it’s also great to have a weekly lunch with a bestie!

Hope you all are enjoying the last of your Spring Break!


My Fabulous FIT friends!

One of my favorite things about the other students at FIT isn’t just scoping out their awesome outfits, everyone is so nice! My class is a very outgoing bunch, so we weren’t shy to introduce ourselves right away. Of course, on our break everyone was craving a caffeine fix (it is an AM class after all!) so we shared stories while on line at Starbucks. We alternated between the Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts during the next couple weeks, where we were introduced to the Wake- up Wrap at Dunkin Donuts (which later became a famous staple in our class.) Of course this only lasted until we found the new gem, aka the FIT cafeteria.

The cafeteria is in between the A and B buildings and opens at 10:30, so if you have a break after that you can get hot chocolate, coffee, an omelet, and more. If not, we usually sit at one of the round tables and chatter about our week or the topics from class. We can all relate to being the fashion crazed student at school, and dealing with the not-so-nice people there. It’s great having people who have such similar interests to hang out with during class.

We are planning a trip to Buffalo Exchange soon. Buffalo Exchange is so much more than a thrift store. You can sell clothes for cash or store credit but they are super-selective, which also means that they have all the best stuff on the floor! I discovered the one on 26th street after HFM 061:The Business of Fashion last semester. I try to go every week after class! The idea for the trip started when I brought in a huge urban outfitters bag of clothes to sell. When people asked me what it was for, I told them it was to sell at Buffalo Exchange. I was astonished how many people didn’t know what it was. It was then that I declared that we would all have to take a trip down after class to go see it, and I later met up with 2 friends there that day! We’re still trying to set a date that works for everyone, but that has been made easier with our Facebook group which helps us to keep in touch, ask a question about an assignment, or just say hi!

I love all of the friends I’ve made. Who else would convince me to buy that gray maxi skirt from Forever 21? I’ve never met a more fun, outgoing, and creative group of people. I hope the friendships last past this class!


Mirror pic from our trip to H&M!

My fabulous maxi dress from Buffalo Exchange!



Fashionable Friendships

I’m not exactly a very social person, so naturally it takes me a little while to warm up to people. But the great thing about FIT is that you already know that your classmates have similar interests, because (duh!) you’re taking the same course! This really makes getting to know people much easier, and you make friends much faster. I usually take a class with my friend Meghan, but she didn’t take one this semester so I was a little nervous about having no one to talk to. Luckily, everyone in my class is really friendly and they all dress fabulously, so that nervousness quickly went away.

The course I’m taking is very social; Professor Ross starts each class by talking with us about any fashion news that occurred during the week, or we talk about recent shopping trips. She gets to travel all over the world as part of her job, so she shares stories with us that make fashion merchandising sound incredibly fun.

During breaks a bunch of us usually go hang out in the cafeteria or stop by the bookstore for some magazines. We basically just complain about how many people wear Uggs and pajamas to school but at FIT everyone always looks fabulous. Sometimes we’ll head to the Dunkin’ Donuts across the street for lattes and hash browns…yum! I’m more of a Starbucks person, but it’s New York so there’s one across the street too.

It can be hard to hang out after class because most of us have to catch a train or meet our parents, but we’re eventually planning to stay after to go shopping at Buffalo Exchange. I’ve actually never been there so I’m really looking forward to it. I’ll remember to bring my camera with me to document the event!

Hope everyone had a nice week and Happy Easter if you celebrate it!


The First Project: Photo-Styling

Styling is an inevitable everyday task. From getting dressed in the morning to setting up the dinner table, styling plays an important role. While some people find it to be restless and a chore, others, like myself, see it as therapeutic and expressive.

For the past five weeks of my FIT class, my group and I have been planning and bringing in props to incorporate into our ‘still life’ shoot. The assignment was to choose a fashion accessory and expand it into a theme, which we would later have a photo shoot of. The product we chose to use was a black suede flat with random placed splats of gold. We all agreed that the shoe reminded us of antique royalty, which then became our theme.

One painting in particular, the Dutch Still Life, looks identical to photography, and served as our inspiration by making our shoe’s environment a table top setting. The dark and rustic contents of photograph influenced the type of props we incorporated-such as, a gold plate, maroon cloth napkin, distressed looking candle stick holder, wine bottle, wine glass that was found at an antique shop and was filled with cranberry juice, etc. Professor Philip Shubin granted us with a piece of wood as the table and loose pearls and gems that emphasized the shoe.

On the fourth week into the project, we had the chance to shoot a week early. Our project had been planned out solidly. The only problem was the lack of props we had with us. We were missing the silk scarf that was used as the back round and a candle stick that was going to fulfill the holder. Luckily, someone was aware of NY Style Imports Inc., a store located on 28th Street and 6th Avenue that has a large variety of silk scarves. We found the candle stick at a local grocery stores only a couple of blocks away from FIT’s campus. To make the candle not look so new and modern, we lit it up just enough to let the wax drip on it. Although, we didn’t have enough time during class to shoot our project that day, we were able to become acquainted with the frequent challenges stylists face.

On the day of the shoot, we were fully equipped. All our props were present and everything was prepared. We did, however, encounter some trouble. The creases in the silk scarf did not give the solid illusion we had wanted. Conveniently, a steamer was located and that minor problem shortly disappeared.

The whole group contributed to the project equally. We all participated in every action from setting up the shoot, to volunteering changes. This task was so enjoyable, as well as working with my group members. It is so satisfying to be around people who are interested in the same things as yourself. The four girls in my group who were once just classmates, are now my friends. Project one was such a pleasurable experience. My adrenaline is pumping in anticipation of project number two!