Fall 2012 Precollege Scholarship Info – APPLY TODAY!

Financial Assistance Scholarship Opportunities for NYC Public High School Students

Deadline: September 24, 2012

New York City high school aged residents enrolled in a NYC DOE high school may be eligible for a financial assistance scholarship. This partial scholarship covers $250 (the total cost of one course is $308). Scholarship recipients are responsible for the remaining $58 balance and any supplies required for the class (most courses require supplies that students must purchase. The estimated cost of supplies should not exceed $50, except for Introduction to Photography with an estimated cost of supplies at $130.)We will be selecting recipients based on the criteria below. The deadline to submit for the upcoming semester is listed on the application link.

Scholarship Requirements, to be completed by the student applicant:

  1. Precollege Saturday/Sunday Live application: http://www5.fitnyc.edu/continuinged/PrecollegeHSScholarshipOpen.htm
  2. An official copy of your high school transcript (to be attached to the form)
  3. An essay discussing the importance of Saturday/Sunday/Summer Live to your college and career aspirations (to be attached to the form)
  4. A recommendation letter from one of your teachers describing your dedication and character (to be attached to the form)
  5. A document indicating your need for financial assistance. This may be a letter on school letterhead indication your participation in a free-lunch program, financial assistance program, or other government or organizational support program (to be attached to the form)
Award recipients will be notified by email.

Chat with Precollege Alumni Tomorrow from 12:30-1:30pm

Tomorrow, July 19, 2012, you have the opportunity to speak with Precollege Alumni currently working towards a degree at FIT in the Dining Hall from 12:30 – 1:30om. Have questions about Fashion Design, Communication Design, Advertising Design, Fashion Merchandising Management or Internation Trade and Marketing majors? Wanna hear what it’s like to be a college student at FIT? These questions and more can be answered one-on-one with students who are just like you. They will be easy to spot in thier Purple FIT shirts (pictured above).

Alumni Bios:

Cecily was born and raised in Kansas City, Missouri then moved to Providence, Rhode Island during high school. She completed her AAS in Fashion Design at FIT and is expected to graduate in May 2013 with her BFA (also in Fashion Design) and a double minor in History of Art and Psychology. Cecily is currently involved in FIT’s Student Ambassadors and the assistant coaching staff for FIT Volleyball, and was a previous Vice President of the AAS Honor Society, Phi Theta Kappa.


Stephen hails from Huntington NY and completed his AAS in Communication Design at FIT. He is expected to graduate in May 2013 with his BS in Advertising Design. Stephen is the President-elect for the 2012-2013 year in the Art & Copy Club. Click here to view his website: http://www.stephenweisbrot.com  



Claudia hails from Queens NY and completed her AAS in Fashion Merchandising Management at FIT. She is expected to graduate in January 2013 with her BS in International Trade and Marketing. She is a member of ITSA (International Trade Student Association) and has worked as an intern at Continental Reliance Group Global Licensing, a Visual Merchandiser at Banana Republic, a Catalog Fulfillment at Bloomingdale’s, and an Assistant to Designer for Quinn New York Inc. She is also a recipient of the BRAG Scholarship for Academic Excellence, was on the Dean’s List 2009-2012 for FMM and ITM, and is currently a contender for the Harold Sachs International Practicum Scholarship.


Tip of the Week: Summer Live Opening Day Info

To Bring on Opening Day:

  • Precollege wristband OR the Parental Consent Form
  • Student Schedule of Classes with room numbers
  • FIT Student ID Card

Parents may not escort students to the classrooms.
On Opening Day, parents may  pick-up their children in any of the college lobbies.
Students and parents may visit classrooms after Orientation Sessions only.

Supplies and Rooms 
Supply lists and the rooms numbers will be posted on the same page as class listings. Not all classes may require the purchase of supplies. View the Program Details page to choose your semester’s course listings and descriptions page.

Checking-in on the First Day:
Check the date of your First day of Class 

  • Saturday/Sunday/Summer Live – Students will report directly to the Great Hall located just west of 28th Street and 7th Avenue, thirty minutes before the start of class. They will hand-in their Parental Consent Form or present their Precollege wristbands and then proceed to the classrooms.
    All students must display their FIT ID upon entrance.
  • Summer Workshops – Students will report to the Great Hall located just west of 28th Street and 7th Avenue, thirty minutes before the start of class. They will hand-in their Parental Consent Form or present their wristband and proceed to the classrooms.
    Workshop students will obtain a temporary, four-day ID during check-in.

Room Numbers and Directions:



Summer Live FREE Lunch Hour Activities!

Precollege Lunch Hour Activities
Check out the following activities during SUMMER LIVE.

Times: 12:30-1:30
Location: FIT’s Dining Hall, located in between Buildings A and B.
Download the pdf here.

Tuesday, July 10: Hometown T-shirt Day!
Show your pride for your home city, state, country or town. Wear something that’s shows where you’re from and meet others who may be from your area! So don’t forget to pack a t-shirt, hat, etc…from your “hometown”

Thursday, July 12:  Short Animation Film Day
Faculty and staff of Precollege Programs select their favorite animated short films for viewing in the cafeteria. You’ll see some unique and fun films that will inspire you!

Monday, July 16:  Street Market Monday
You’ve spent your first week in NYC, now get photographed with your favorite NYC street find. It can be anything (Inexpensive hat, piece of jewelry or art, or maybe a knish!) Your photo may even appear on our Blog.

Tuesday July 17 and Wednesday July 18:  Artwork Photo-shoot
Precollege photographers will be stationed in the FIT Café to photograph your best piece of artwork to-date. Images will be emailed to you for your records and may be selected for our FIT website gallery!

Thursday, July 19:  Lunch with Alumni
Current FIT undergraduates who took Precollege classes will join students in the cafeteria to discuss their experiences and answer your questions

Monday, July 23:  Major Monday!
Enjoy a slideshow of FIT majors and examples of student work with tips and info for applying to FIT and creating portfolios.  An Admissions Representative will be present to provide materials and answer your questions.

Wednesday, July 25:  Looking Back
Classes end tomorrow. Let’s look back at the summer through our slideshow of photos taken in class and of student work.



Tip of the Week: New Student Orientation and Security ID Cards

Summer 2012 New Student Orientation and Security ID Cards

We strongly encourage all new Summer 2012 Precollege students to attend a New Student Orientation Session. No RSVP required. Choose the date and time that works best for you:

  • Thursday, July 5:  11 am in the Great Hall (Enter on 28th Street just west of 7th Avenue)
  • Thursday, July 5:  2pm in the Great Hall (Enter on 28th Street just west of 7th Avenue)
  • Friday, July 6: 11 am in the Great Hall (Enter on 28th Street just west of 7th Avenue)
  • Friday, July 6: 2pm in the Great Hall (Enter on 28th Street just west of 7th Avenue)
  • Sunday, July 8: 11 am in the Great Hall (Enter on 28th Street just west of 7th Avenue)
  • Sunday, July 8: 2pm in the Great Hall (Enter on 28th Street just west of 7th Avenue)

Question: What if I cannot attend Orientation?
You can view the slideshow of the presentation on our website at: http://www.fitnyc.edu/10602.aspParents and students can only explore the campus together on orientation days, so if you cannot attend the session, your child should print the classroom maps available on our Opening Day link (http://www.fitnyc.edu/10617.asp) to see how to navigate the campus.

(details http://www.fitnyc.edu/10095.asp)

  • All students in the Summer Live Program (July 9 through 26) are required to have a photo ID card before Opening Day (July 9). You may obtain your ID card at any Orientation Session or by visiting our Security Office during the hours listed on the details link above.
  •  Precollege Workshop students DO NOT require a photo ID card.  They will ALL get a special workshop ID card at the entrance on July 30th. No need to make a special trip to the campus.
  •  Old FIT ID cards: If you have a photo ID card from a previous semester, GREAT! You do not need a new card. We will give you a Summer 2012 sticker for your card at the door on Opening Day (July 9th). No need to make a special trip to the campus.