BRAND Strategy HOW-TO from Cartier

HOTTOPICSINSIDER  recommends that if you have not seen the new  Cartier 3 min+ ad you absolutely have to.  Not only is it stunning, but it absolutely embodies a breakthrough concept in advertising style and  exemplifies what Brand strategy is all about.  The emphasis here is about authenticity, passion, dreams, and desire.
Get in on the buzz.   View it now.

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2 thoughts on “BRAND Strategy HOW-TO from Cartier”

  1. Joan, You are so right!! Thank you for featuring this campaign. We have not been so entranced by a TV commercial in a long time. As a mini-movie, Cartier tells a beautiful brand story that expresses the dreams and aspirations for their fine jewelry and luxury products. This is Oscar, aka EFFIE, level brand messaging. Peggy and Art Winters

  2. Wow! Totally befitting of the Cartier Brand, truly a work of art! I’m glad I found this post Joan, thanks so much for posting, it’s always inspiring to see real art in modern media.

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