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Sushi Table

Sushi Night

There are those nights that you will never forget, and this was one of them for me. Truth is, when I picked FIT one of my decisive factors was its location. New York City is the fashion capital of the world and the city that never sleeps, hence it was perfect for Fashion Merchandising and there is always something to do. (ironic for someone who loves to sleep in) The best part was that it was only 4 hours away from home and anyone could visit me anytime, it’s not like saving to travel around the world to visit your friend, although you do have to board a plane. New York for Dominicans is like the Hampton’s for New Yorkers (weekend getaway) so my dorm has always been the guest house for all of my friends which by the way get the best tourist guide ever. So when I got the news, that one of my dearest friends was moving into the city I couldn’t help but picture all of the things we would do together.

Friend chefs

(Random fact: we have the same initials SFF)

Sarah and I booked an Amazon Local deal that got us a sushi class for two, all-inclusive for $39.5 each. It was the first time I learned how to make my favorite dish and in special company. (Everyone there was a couple except us haha) So as I mentioned before my favorite food is sushi (if you really took the time to read through my bio haha, if not well now you know) so finally learning all the ins and outs was very entertaining.

Cook & Go’s Chelsea location was our culinary studio, which was nicely decorated for us. Their whole concept is that you cook there and take it to go and eat elsewhere, so once again my dorm was our HQ. Our class was 90 minutes long and we got to make three different rolls, spicy mayo and ponzu sauce.

sushi rolls

My Rolls top to bottom: tuna, salmon and veggie

We also got to keep the bamboo mats used to roll.

Turns out making sushi is fairly easy (if I say it, believe it, I’m NO chef) and you can get all sorts of creative with the ingredients. I can tell you something if the Japanese knew how we are making sushi in DR they’d be appalled, but I love it. Finally, since I now know how to make my fave dish I will be inventing all sorts of rolls and hosting sushi parties at my house.

japanese sushi set

Got it at Amazon right after


Tips for sushi-making:

-Sushi rice does not react well to metal, so always keep it in a plastic or glass container.

-There is NO sushi grade fish, or sushi quality fish. The trick is to store it in the freezer for seven days and all the bacteria dies.

-Use the English cucumbers that come individually wrapped, less seeds.

-Wet your knife before cutting your roll, if not it will stick and you will have a mess.


Spicy Tuna Roll

About to Roll

Veggie Roll

Avocado makes everything better

Carpe Diem,

Sadie (The MASTER roll maker)

Me cooking