Meet the Bloggers


Ashley is a junior photography major at FIT, born and raised in the Detroit, Michigan area. Besides photography, she enjoys exercising, trying new food places, and exploring the city. Some of her guilty pleasures include watching The Ellen Show and hours of YouTube videos. She looks forward to providing insight on all things FIT!


Ayanna is a creator hailing from Atlanta. She is a new transfer student to FIT, currently studying fashion merchandising, and is also a commuter student byway of Spanish Harlem. As a queer woman of color from the South, her experience in the city and in fashion is a unique one. Through FIT, she plans to effect change by making people of color more prominent in the fashion industry and improving the lives of millions who are exploited in the industry. She loves traveling, her new tea-maker, and avocados.


Brendan is a 19-year-old Advertising and Marketing Communications student from Saratoga Springs, New York. Brendan always dreamed of attending the Fashion Institute of Technology and living in New York City. He is very excited about the opportunity to be part of this blog and share his experiences with prospective students and their families!


Kailee is a 21-year-old ITM student , who recently received her AAS in interior design. She is a commuter student, who is always working. If you ever see her without pearls or diamonds on, something is seriously wrong. Some would describe Kailee as a fun-loving, quirky person who never stops smiling, but she thinks those things might be the result of a crazy obsession with chocolate milk. Kailee loves getting to know new people, so she looks forward to hearing from all of you!


From the vast suburbs of Southern California, Mariano is an 18-year-old Advertising and Marketing Communications student aiming to make a career as a fashion journalist. Among writing, he loves to dance and enjoys music of all genres. He truly is an outgoing individual and is always willing to be of service for those who have questions. Mariano looks forward to sharing his experiences not only at FIT, but of the concrete jungle known as New York City!