Some Things Never Change

Twenty one Home Products juniors had their first experience at the Chicago Home and Housewares show this March, everything new and exciting! For others it was just another walk in the park as 9 seniors accompanied them for networking reasons and Professor Brogna and Johnson as chaperons. Yet something that was new for everyone was the dinner choices. The last night spent in Chicago all 21 juniors and 6 of the seniors sat down at Uncle Julio’s Fine Mexican Food Restaurant with both Professor Brogna and Professor Johnson. While everyone was utterly exhausted from enjoying the show, everyone was thrilled with the Mexican cuisine, exotic drinks (for those of age) and the presentation that accompanied each table in preparing fresh guacamole, mmm-mmm! As conversations were taking place, what was meant to be a picture of the delicious guacamole being prepared, turned into a Kodak moment of professor Johnson and Brogna engaging in a great laugh. The funny thing is Junior Natalie Macari received a picture quite similar from the Chicago trip four years earlier of both professors from her older sister (an alumni) also engaging in a laugh. Goes to show some things never change and we’re glad they haven’t!

professor Brogna and Johnson1  professor Brogna and Johnson2
Left picture from 2011 right picture 2015