I saw you on that cobblestone street, I whispered “Farewell.”

I asked one student who told me she lived in France,“Why come all the way over here to take classes at FiT?”
“I’ll do anything I can to be surrounded by fashion, and you can’t take classes like these anywhere else” she said.

That’s dedication, and a lot of the students here really love what they do, they love fashion. That was kinda inspiring, considering I LOVE clothes and fashion and clothes and clashion (clothing and fashion together  in one word :D).  I, myself, am also considering whether or not I want to go into the enormous fashion field.

Parting from FiT will indeed be such sweet sorrow, the photography, the weird looks when you run up to a student like “Hey, wanna take a picture?,” the crazy stares just because I’m that beautiful, walking into Room D130 and randomly voguing, prowling the office for more packs of sugar when I’m trying to get my morning cup of tea “just right,” sitting at my station editing tons of faces of students – it will all be missed dearly.

Today is my last day here at FiT, and I’d like to thank everyone for a great experience. Special Shoutouts (you know I had to :p) to Mr.Brian Edwards for being my photography mentor, and explaining to me his love of clowns, Marta for sharing with me the basics of the Polish language, Michele Nagel for being an awesome and scary head honcho, Paige for our mutual love of the 80’s and Zebra Pants, Kareen for that awesome Wall Street Journal Jacket I’ll be sporting this fall, Carissa for those lovely Asian gummies she blessed me with, Eddie for loving food as much as I do, Andrea for being my front office buddy (hope your vacation is quite dandy), Krystle for our mutual love of vintage clothing (Beacon’s Closet here I come), Camille for understanding my Puerto Rican heritage (:p), Eduardo for his cool bags ^.^, and Rada for her lovely sweaters. A special shoutout to my crazy coworker Maria ^.X, good luck with the band; we’re going back to 505!

Hmph, I think that’s everything. Love you FiT, we shall meet again someday. Couldn’t have asked for a better summer this year.

See you around readers!

Best wishes,

Ezekiel D.

PS: Buffalo Exchange, Reminiscence, and just about every other thrift/vintage in the Chelsea area, I may no longer be there to shop every day anymore, but I’ll be back :’)

It’s Not ‘Goodbye’, It’s ‘See You Later’

This is not the end, it’s only the beginning.

Even though I’m at the end of this summer runway, I know I will be strutting back again in a matter of time.

This summer was truly magical. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience at FIT. I sincerely wish I heard of the program sooner so I could’ve participated in more. My professors were absolutely delightful, the classes were filled with helpful information, and the atmosphere was perfect. Blogging was like the icing on the cake. I actually can’t believe I’m sitting here writing my last blog post.. How the time flies!

Soon my application process to FIT will begin and my future in fashion will blossom. It’ll be a new chapter in my life. A chapter that I can’t wait to read.

There’s no place like FIT. Honestly, I can’t picture myself anywhere else. FIT is in my blood and in my heart. The city has always been like a second home to me. Life without FIT is like breathing with no air… It just simply doesn’t work.

I bid you all the best and wish you “good luck” on all your future endeavors.

It’s been a pleasure. Thank you to my readers and to FIT for this wonderful experience. I promise that this won’t be the last time you hear of my name.. But until then, “See you later.”

Your Care Tag,


We Only Part to Meet Again

It is said that everything has to come to an end, but believe me… this is not the end of me and FIT’s relationship. During this amazing summer in NYC with my family, my fashion endeavors wouldn’t have been fulfilled if I didn’t learn something new along the way. Unlike some, I enjoy the experience of new things… especially the thing that appeals the most to me: FASHION.

Fashion is inevitably going to be part of my life forever. As an aspiring journalist, I plan to incorporate all these design aspects into my work and extra curriculars. FIT only pushed me one step closer to my final destination. Learning all these bits and bobs about the industry in patternmaking and ad design only amped my knowledge on the things I need to know. I presume sitting at home and watching Gossip Girl all day is tempting, but why watch people thriving in success when you can actually be the one conquering success? I learned a lot during this process, including how to make a dress and create an effective add form. For me, college is not too far away, so why not enjoy the experience a tad earlier? Why not experience something prior to its soon coming? Of course, college isn’t going to be exactly like the Precollege programs at FIT, but it will be similar. Even if you don’t decide to go to FIT, it still leaves you with the pondering experience of reality.

My friends in Canada are sure going to get a kick out of this. 

Thanks FIT, thanks New York City.

My last outfit of the day! (fashionpanoramic.blogspot.com)

Zara pink tights (of course)

DSW gold loafers (ADDICTED)

Forever21 white blazer

 Forever21 mustard blouse

 Thrifted Vintage Levi cut-off shorts

Forever21 studded belt

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It’s not the end, it’s just the beginning

Summer Live 2012 may be over, but I’m still in the student groove. Right after classes ended I left for Long Beach Island, and though the shore was super relaxing, I’m already craving the exciting, ambitious atmosphere of FIT. As I enter my senior year of high school, college applications are on my mind. I’m more confident after taking magazine design this summer that I’d like to work towards a career in fashion journalism. Writing stories and working with graphics confirmed that the magazine world is the place for me. Now that I’m sure of what I want to do, the college process is a little easier. I hope to go to school for Art History and Journalism and intern along the way so that I can graduate college with all the tools I need to break into the industry.

a photo I took this summer outside the C building

Blogging for FIT has been so fun. I really benefitted from sharing my work and reflecting on my skills, and I hope other have benefitted from my experience as well! I wish I could say I’ll see you all next year, but unfortunately I’m a senior, so my Precollege journey has come to end. But who knows, in ten years I could be writing a story about one of the many talented friends I’ve made here! I’ve taken classes in fashion design, photography, and now magazine design, so I have a pretty diverse group of classmates that I’m sure I’ll be seeing again in the future.

That’s really what FIT has been for me; a chance to follow my interests while having a blast and meeting other people like me.



My Last Class

I came into FIT on the last day of Summer Live with a mission: finish my magazine project. I had been working on the piece for the past three weeks, but still had so much to do before I could call it complete. The biggest task by far was to design and write my last feature story, “Special Effects: Secrets to Cooler Film Photos.”

Throughout the last week I had been walking around the FIT campus, snapping away at the subtle beauty of the city. I also played around with the camera at home, and when my roll of film was done, I frantically went to every pharmacy I could think of in a rush to get my photos developed in time for the last day of class (FYI- neither of the two Duane Reade’s near FIT develop photos). On the train I chose the best photos for my story and wrote tips (using knowledge I picked up last summer in the Digital Photography and Photoshop class) to go along with them. I was so relieved to have gotten it done and excited to get to FIT and put it all into Adobe InDesign.

When I arrived in the classroom I got straight to work. I first designed a colorful grid to place my photos on and a headline using typography skills I had learned in class. I started pasting my photos in and spent a big block of time arranging and rearranging them on the page. It got pretty tiresome, but Rome wasn’t built in a day! I kept trying different sizes, positions, and layouts and finally arrived at something I love. After adding in the tips, my story was finally complete. Making a magazine spread that I had photographed, written, and designed was the most rewarding experience. I loved seeing my original work come together in such a professional way.

my finished story

The last thing to do was put a the finishing touches on the rest of my magazine. After a myriad of saves and previews, everything was finally in order. All type was correctly sized, all colors rightly saturated, all design elements perfectly placed; I was finally ready to present to the class.

I was so impressed as Professor Lerner pulled up the magazines on the overhead- and not just with my own work. We had been doing class critiques every week, and I noticed that everyone had come such a long way. We learned new skills, refined our tastes, and created beautiful pieces unique to our own interests. It’s amazing how diverse the final projects were. I’m amazed that while I used the project to finally try film photography, others used it to to express their love of fashion, poetry, music, dance, history, street art, and so much more.

While I was sad to see the last day go, I was happy to look back on my FIT experience with amazing memories and a great appreciation for all the new skills I’ve learned. It’s truly a bittersweet ending.

Until Next Time,