We Only Part to Meet Again

It is said that everything has to come to an end, but believe me… this is not the end of me and FIT’s relationship. During this amazing summer in NYC with my family, my fashion endeavors wouldn’t have been fulfilled if I didn’t learn something new along the way. Unlike some, I enjoy the experience of new things… especially the thing that appeals the most to me: FASHION.

Fashion is inevitably going to be part of my life forever. As an aspiring journalist, I plan to incorporate all these design aspects into my work and extra curriculars. FIT only pushed me one step closer to my final destination. Learning all these bits and bobs about the industry in patternmaking and ad design only amped my knowledge on the things I need to know. I presume sitting at home and watching Gossip Girl all day is tempting, but why watch people thriving in success when you can actually be the one conquering success? I learned a lot during this process, including how to make a dress and create an effective add form. For me, college is not too far away, so why not enjoy the experience a tad earlier? Why not experience something prior to its soon coming? Of course, college isn’t going to be exactly like the Precollege programs at FIT, but it will be similar. Even if you don’t decide to go to FIT, it still leaves you with the pondering experience of reality.

My friends in Canada are sure going to get a kick out of this. 

Thanks FIT, thanks New York City.

My last outfit of the day! (fashionpanoramic.blogspot.com)

Zara pink tights (of course)

DSW gold loafers (ADDICTED)

Forever21 white blazer

 Forever21 mustard blouse

 Thrifted Vintage Levi cut-off shorts

Forever21 studded belt

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  1. I loved your blog this summer.! Hope fully i’ll get to go to F.I.T next year !!!! love you Tianna, and keep bloggin

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