It’s not the end, it’s just the beginning

Summer Live 2012 may be over, but I’m still in the student groove. Right after classes ended I left for Long Beach Island, and though the shore was super relaxing, I’m already craving the exciting, ambitious atmosphere of FIT. As I enter my senior year of high school, college applications are on my mind. I’m more confident after taking magazine design this summer that I’d like to work towards a career in fashion journalism. Writing stories and working with graphics confirmed that the magazine world is the place for me. Now that I’m sure of what I want to do, the college process is a little easier. I hope to go to school for Art History and Journalism and intern along the way so that I can graduate college with all the tools I need to break into the industry.

a photo I took this summer outside the C building

Blogging for FIT has been so fun. I really benefitted from sharing my work and reflecting on my skills, and I hope other have benefitted from my experience as well! I wish I could say I’ll see you all next year, but unfortunately I’m a senior, so my Precollege journey has come to end. But who knows, in ten years I could be writing a story about one of the many talented friends I’ve made here! I’ve taken classes in fashion design, photography, and now magazine design, so I have a pretty diverse group of classmates that I’m sure I’ll be seeing again in the future.

That’s really what FIT has been for me; a chance to follow my interests while having a blast and meeting other people like me.