It’s not the end, it’s just the beginning

Summer Live 2012 may be over, but I’m still in the student groove. Right after classes ended I left for Long Beach Island, and though the shore was super relaxing, I’m already craving the exciting, ambitious atmosphere of FIT. As I enter my senior year of high school, college applications are on my mind. I’m more confident after taking magazine design this summer that I’d like to work towards a career in fashion journalism. Writing stories and working with graphics confirmed that the magazine world is the place for me. Now that I’m sure of what I want to do, the college process is a little easier. I hope to go to school for Art History and Journalism and intern along the way so that I can graduate college with all the tools I need to break into the industry.

a photo I took this summer outside the C building

Blogging for FIT has been so fun. I really benefitted from sharing my work and reflecting on my skills, and I hope other have benefitted from my experience as well! I wish I could say I’ll see you all next year, but unfortunately I’m a senior, so my Precollege journey has come to end. But who knows, in ten years I could be writing a story about one of the many talented friends I’ve made here! I’ve taken classes in fashion design, photography, and now magazine design, so I have a pretty diverse group of classmates that I’m sure I’ll be seeing again in the future.

That’s really what FIT has been for me; a chance to follow my interests while having a blast and meeting other people like me.



A Bittersweet Ending

As the past couple days have gone by, I have realized I’m not returning to FIT the following week. My alarm will ring for 6:50 AM and I will simply sigh, turn it off, and take in the harsh reality of nnot returning to the place I love.

These past three weeks have been the highlight of my summer. (And probably of my year) I mean, come on, it’s FIT.. It’s unlike anywhere else.

The classes I took this year were outstanding. I made some remarkable new friends who I will DEFINITELY keep in contact with. I even found my roommate for FIT! (If I get in!) My experience here was phenomenal. I wish I was a freshman so I can take even more Precollege classes! Unfortunately, I live too far away to attend classes during the Fall or Spring. What a shame.

I hope I get good marks on all my final projects. I am so anxious to view them! They are getting posted on August 2nd, so remember to check them out!

My jacket (from my sewing class) turned out phenomenal! I ordered a bunch of spikes and studs from this really cool website. I can’t wait to go home and apply them to my jacket! I’m also going to distress it with sand paper! In my first class I also made a t-shirt. It’s a grey jersey knit t-shirt with a ballet neckline and long sleeves. It’s the comfiest t-shirt IN THE WORLD!

I’m so excited to return home and start working on my portfolio. I think I will include my jacket in my portfolio.. I worked so hard on it and I am so proud of myself!

How were your classes? Do you think you will return to FIT? How did your final projects turn out?

Overall, my last day was filled with excitement, a sense of pride, sadness, and some realizations for the future. I was excited that all my hard work was finally completed. I had a sense of pride in myself, and in the work I created. A sense of sadness because I am leaving the place and people I have grown to adore. And the realization that if I don’t work hard, I may never return to FIT.. And that simply won’t do.

I hope you all had a wonderful experience at FIT, I know I did!

I do not want to say goodbye to any of you people” -Christa McAuliffe

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Last Class(es) at the admirable FIT!

All we could talk about in class today was about how fast we think time flew. The three weeks at FIT went by so quickly! It’s amazing how much we’ve learned. Although I am sad about the conclusion to this fantastic adventure, I am overjoyed with how much I’ve accomplished… from my fully completed dress to the additions to my portfolio! During the last day in my Manual Pattern Making and Sewing class, we franticly tried to finally muster together our beautiful dresses. In my last few blog posts, they have consisted of brief segments of the making of our dresses! Momentarily I will show you the vast completion of my very first dress EVER. And personally, I think I did a fairly good job given the fact that this is practically the first time properly managing and working a sewing machine!… Even if these machines did go 400 miles/hour.

During the process (pre-zipper)

Finally cut out of the pattern!

The sewing machine that didn't like me. Haha

My completed dress.

During the time when I was unwillingly struggling with my dress, I realized that there were so many completions that just blew my mind.

Other then the success and outcome of my Pattern making class, I’ve also received a few pointers on how to be prepared for college/university. Since FIT is one of the top colleges I would like to attend, it is super important to know that my portfolio is relevant and is something that sums up what colleges are looking for. In order to depict that, it’s good to have it reviewed by people who have been through the process, and know all about it. And the perfect person would be a graduate of FIT, who in fact was our professor. Once he examined my existing (non-completed) portfolio, he stated that some pieces I had needed to be defined and purposed. For example, I had designed the front of a postcard, and the smart thing to do would be to complete the back side, including the format of an actual postcard. Overall, everything was great, but its never too late to add more, thus creating a stronger reason for the course. During our time in that classroom, we worked on collages, creating an ad (shown in previous blog posts), coming up and conceptualizing marketing ideas, knowing and realizing what kind of designer you are and doing things that are unusual, just because not everything in the art and design world is conventional, so it’s good to step out of your usual box of 2B pencils and pencil crayons.

Presentation of self-portraits.

Self portrait I created with photoshop paintbrush mediums. I drew it, scanned it... and then colored the whole thing on photoshop.

 Everything has to come to an end, but hopefully this won’t be the end to my time at FIT. We shall meet again!

View from my Design class, D building.

Outfit of the day! (

Forever 21 bronze necklaces

Thrifted Vintage Levi cut-off shorts

Thrifted fur cropped sweater

Thrifted head scarf (Used as a bow tie in the first picture)

DSW gold loafers (The shoes are not shown in this OOTD, but I wore them with white lace socks)


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Last Day at FIT

It is so sad that my class at FIT is already over! These past 3 weeks created memories I will hopefully never forget!

For our last project, we had to create a plan to introduce a brand to any African country. My group chose to promote the shoe brand Bakers in Morocco. We created a big poster board displaying traditional Moroccan footwear compared to Bakers footwear, and also wrote out our marketing plan in order to do so. The project turned out great and our presentation was even better!

My group and I with our project!

After all of the groups presented their projects, we held a mini graduation ceremony as our professor handed each of us our diplomas…we even played the Graduation Song to make it more meaningful!

My class with our diplomas!

For the last 45 minutes or so, we had a little party with snacks and drinks that everyone brought in! It was a great way to end the course.

After class, a few girls and I walked to Times Square, took some photos, and enjoyed a nice dinner at the Hard Rock Cafe. We had so much fun!

Overall, my last day at FIT was bittersweet…there are no other words to describe it!

Only one more post until my FIT blogging experience is over!

Fino alla volta prossima!


My Last Class!

The final class of my Spring 2012 semester was a bittersweet ending. It was sad knowing I was going to be leaving my professor and all of the fun things my class had done and made. Throughout the semester, my class created many things. Some things include body wash, lotion, bath salts, lipstick, shampoo, and much more! My class also attended a field trip to the “Big B’s” (Bendel’s, Barney’s, & Bergdorf’s) to show us how stores market their products. I learned many things about the beauty industry and how it really goes hand in hand with the fashion industry.

Though it’s sad that the Spring semester is over, we are one step closer to Summer! This Summer I will be taking the week long workshop HSX 131 Public Relations for Fashion: The Industry in ActionI am very excited to see what the class has to offer and teach me!

My plans for the future are pretty set. This fall, I plan to apply to a few colleges, FIT is my first choice. Along with FIT, I plan to apply to Montclair State University, LIM, Philadelphia University, and the University of Rhode Island. I plan to major in Fashion Merchandising and hopefully someday become a buyer! What are everyone else’s plans? Anyone know any other great colleges for Fashion? Comment  below!

xoxo Tori