Au Revoir!

The sad day has arrived, the last day of Spring 2012 Precollege class, of course there’s plenty of other semesters but it is always sad leaving a class on the last day. Overall, my class has been wonderful, a lot of work but it is rewarding at the end. I have learned so many things about the fashion world from my amazing professor, she is extremely down to earth and really taught us as if we were on the college level. I also met some really nice girls, this class was definitely more friendly then my previous precollege class, everybody got along really well! Of course my plan for the future is to attend FIT, but that’s years away (for me at least) so for now my future going to continue to be Precollege classes, which I love!

This summer I am taking Fashion Art for Fashion Designers, and possibly a second one (hopefully!). I chose this class because I really want to experiment with the design part of the industry, I feel like maybe I would enjoy it.

My class!

As promised here are my theme boards, I pretended to be the fashion director of Aritzia and I had to predict upcoming trends for Spring 2013, my four trends are: 50’s Rock and Remix, Urban Sport, Doll-like Delight, and The Bare Minimum.


My advice for you guys considering to take a Precollege class is: Go for it! You can’t go wrong, even if you only take one class it can benefit you in multiple ways. You familiarize yourself with FIT’s campus, NYC in general, meet amazing professors and new friends, all while learning about the thing you love.

It has been great to have been to able share my thoughts and weekly experiences with you guys, it has been such an amazing opportunity! I truly hope you’ve taken as much out of my posts as possible…

So long, Michaela

So, this is goodbye…

This semester at FIT was definitely my most unforgettable. I’ve been accepted into the college, found my roommate, started an internship, and even got a new one for the Summer. Although there were many, many long train rides and a ton of work between my extra classes and school, I had an amazing experience yet again. I’ve made a lot of friends between the two classes I took, and I’m going to miss them.

My presentation boards have made drastic improvement, and in Fashion Techniques we’ve completed the basic bodice, cowl neck, dirndl, flare and pencil skirts. Now, it’s time to make them all for myself. :)

Over the Summer I’ll be interning for Perry Ellis International, where the head designer was very impressed with the classes I’ve taken at FIT. I’ll also be working, to save up so I don’t have to live as a poor college kid. I also can’t wait to start dorm shopping; I’m very excited for college. However, I have a lot to prepare for and I want to take this Summer to make sure I’m completely ready for college. I just had a wonderful prom on World Yacht, circling the New York City skyline all lit up at night. Now, I’m looking forward to graduation.

Even though I’m headed there for school, I’m going to miss Precollege classes. There are so many that I didn’t get the chance to take. My only advice to those who haven’t taken them yet, start right away!


Goodbye, for now!

My professor, Sonja Lamut

Is this really happening? The day of class I take for Spring 2012, the last post I’ll make for this semester? It all just flew by! My 12 weeks are up, and I’m so glad I’ve used them wisely!

To sum up my experience for the Precollege Program in simple terms, it was a-ma-zing! From the first day class, till now, was such a wonderful time. My creativity level has boosted and of course, so has my drawing skills! I’ve learned so much, and I wouldn’t trade this experience for the world!

I’ve learned many things throughout this course. One major lesson I learned was to draw from life. Now anywhere I go, as long as it’s still, I can attempt to draw it with full detail. I’ve also developed to be more comfortable with myself drawing around others and learn from them as well. I know I’ll miss everything about the course. From waking up, to going, to learning, to drawing, to everything, I wish it wouldn’t end!

In the future I am planning on coming back to FIT and taking more Precollege courses! It maybe not in the summer or fall, but I can honestly say next spring I will be back and ready to take another class. Which? I do not know. BUT! I do know it will be a Communication Design course! I’d love to take the screen printing T-shirts course as well.

If you guys are interested on keeping up on anything about myself you can follow my tumblr ( which my standard fashion blog, or if you want to stay connected in a more personal level, follow!

Until next time, hugs and kisses with a slice of bacon,


All Good Things Must Come to an End

FIT friends!

FIT friends!

Sadly, this week was my last class of my precollege workshop course HSX 121: Passion for Fashion Styling.  I enjoyed every minute of this class, such as the various photo shoots, styling each other, and making many inspiration boards.  This class is very fun if you like hands on classes.

Even though it was a styling class, my Professor’s still gave us great insight about the school, the different majors you can take, and some different careers in the industry.  I’m going to miss all the great friends I have made, but hopefully we will see each other in the future – maybe even at the same school!  My plans for the future is to major in Fashion Merchandising Management. Then after graduating, I plan to work my way up from an assistant fashion buyer to a divisional merchandise manager at a major department store.

I have big dreams that I am ready to fulfill and I feel that taking Precollege courses and speaking with instructors who are currently working in the industry has helped give me a lot of insight    The next class I will be taking is a workshop over the summer called HSX 123: A Week in The Life of a Merchant, which I am looking forward to very much!

If you are interested in going into the fashion industry or thinking about applying to FIT, signing up for a Precollege course is the best thing you can do.  You get to see what the school is like, learn so much from Professors who really know the industry, and also make many new friends that share the same interests as you.

I hope you enjoyed my blog posts as much as I enjoyed writing them!


Final pictures from the photo shoot in HSX 121: Passion for Fashion Styling


Goodbyes are the Worst

Leaving F.I.T. this Saturday was really sad. Each of us stood in front of our class and presented the project we spent weeks creating. When everyone was finished, we had a short lesson on Marie Antoinette which I really loved. But it had to be the last 15 minutes of class that was my favorite time in the program. We all talked about what we liked about the class and the different things that our professor can do with her next class. I have to say Professor Maureen Crilly is one of the best teachers I have ever had! She was so helpful and you can’t help but to love her personality. She is so passionate about her work and has an amazing career. She also has this way with words where she can make anything she says sound so interesting and fun. I think she’s a person that everyone in my class can look up to because of her success.

Setting this up was a lot harder than it looks

Gathering around to take pictures with the girls was bitter sweet. Having class with them was so much fun, we didn’t get to talk much but when we did it was always interesting and we always laughed. I hope you all had a great experience and I’ll miss spending my Saturdays with you!

“Our little slumber party”

Unfortunately, this was my first and last Precollege class. I want the Spring to be all about senior year, having fun and enjoying my last few months of high school. Now that I’m finished with the course and college applications, it’s time to have a little fun before college. I was accepted into Berkeley and Bridgeport for interior design… but I’m still working on my FIT and Pratt portfolios so I have no clue what college I am going to yet. Going into this program, I was unsure if I wanted to pursue interior design but after taking the class and getting a little experience, I was sure. I can’t explain why I love picking fabrics, furniture and paints so much, it’s just my thing.

I’ll miss the horrible drive into the city, seeing crazy people in Starbucks, writing my blog fashionably late :X and staying  up all night wrapping  fabrics… It was awesome :)

I wish everyone the best of luck. Remember, do what you love and success will follow.

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BYE <3 :’)