Goodbye, for now!

My professor, Sonja Lamut

Is this really happening? The day of class I take for Spring 2012, the last post I’ll make for this semester? It all just flew by! My 12 weeks are up, and I’m so glad I’ve used them wisely!

To sum up my experience for the Precollege Program in simple terms, it was a-ma-zing! From the first day class, till now, was such a wonderful time. My creativity level has boosted and of course, so has my drawing skills! I’ve learned so much, and I wouldn’t trade this experience for the world!

I’ve learned many things throughout this course. One major lesson I learned was to draw from life. Now anywhere I go, as long as it’s still, I can attempt to draw it with full detail. I’ve also developed to be more comfortable with myself drawing around others and learn from them as well. I know I’ll miss everything about the course. From waking up, to going, to learning, to drawing, to everything, I wish it wouldn’t end!

In the future I am planning on coming back to FIT and taking more Precollege courses! It maybe not in the summer or fall, but I can honestly say next spring I will be back and ready to take another class. Which? I do not know. BUT! I do know it will be a Communication Design course! I’d love to take the screen printing T-shirts course as well.

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Until next time, hugs and kisses with a slice of bacon,