My Last Class!

The final class of my Spring 2012 semester was a bittersweet ending. It was sad knowing I was going to be leaving my professor and all of the fun things my class had done and made. Throughout the semester, my class created many things. Some things include body wash, lotion, bath salts, lipstick, shampoo, and much more! My class also attended a field trip to the “Big B’s” (Bendel’s, Barney’s, & Bergdorf’s) to show us how stores market their products. I learned many things about the beauty industry and how it really goes hand in hand with the fashion industry.

Though it’s sad that the Spring semester is over, we are one step closer to Summer! This Summer I will be taking the week long workshop HSX 131 Public Relations for Fashion: The Industry in ActionI am very excited to see what the class has to offer and teach me!

My plans for the future are pretty set. This fall, I plan to apply to a few colleges, FIT is my first choice. Along with FIT, I plan to apply to Montclair State University, LIM, Philadelphia University, and the University of Rhode Island. I plan to major in Fashion Merchandising and hopefully someday become a buyer! What are everyone else’s plans? Anyone know any other great colleges for Fashion? Comment  below!

xoxo Tori