The Three Best Friends That Anyone Could Have

FIT is one of the best ways to meet new people! Especially ones that are just as obsessed with fashion as you! FIT is an amazing place because people aren’t as judgemental. I say this because FIT is full of diverse people that do they’re own thing! I love being able to try to wear something out there or do my makeup a little more bold for class without having the feeling of being judged. Overall,FIT  its a comfortable safe environment.

I first started attending FIT with one of my best friends from school, Jenn! We both took the Fabric Styling class! I loved being able to take the train and having someone there with me to get around the city with! If I had signed up to do it alone I’m sure I would have been fine but having a friend with you makes it a thousand times greater!

This semester I was able to convince my other best friend Amanda to take the Fragrance and Cosmetics class with me! The two of us are obsessed with make up to the point where we have mini makeup stores at home! Its amazing to be able to share the opportunity of FIT Precollege Programs with two of my closest friends! Do you go to class with friends from school?

xoxox Tori


Mes Amies

So getting up at 6 a.m. on a Saturday and working on homework and art all week leaves me with a pretty weak social life. However, Precollege classes make up for that. Sometimes you’ll find your classmates are talkative and easy to make conversation with, and others, you’ll have to be that person yourself. I like to be the person to break the ice in class. After all, I’m not commuting two hours each way if I’m not having fun!

It’s really easy to make friends in your classes because you all have at least one common interest. Also, since everyone comes from different areas with different backgrounds, there’s a lot to talk about when you meet someone new.

In my first class, there is one girl who goes to the same school I do. It’s the first class I’ve ever taken with someone from my area. I’ve also taken a trip to Mood with a few other classmates, and sometimes go to the art supply store with others also.

In my second class, there are two other seniors who have applied to FIT. It’s great to have something to bond over, and because we’ve all been through the application process together and can share the excitement (hopefully!). It’s been easy to become friends because we all like sewing, so we’re now taking a class on draping. We also go to the FIT museum a lot so we always talk about our different tastes and styles.


Inspiration is Everywhere in NYC

Some New Friends at FIT

FIT Friendships – Old and New

Saturday was another great day at FIT, and although it was only the fourth day of class, I’ve already met some really cool people. It’s easy to make friends at FIT because everyone has the same interests, and everyone wants to be there and is interested in learning about fashion. Because I have so much in common with everyone, there is always something to talk about; it’s nice to be able to talk about runway shows, new stores, and designers with people who are also really passionate about the fashion industry.

On Saturday morning, my class went on a field trip in which we would explore stores on 34th street, and take photos of the mannequins and displays. In addition to being a chance to observe the trends and similarities between the displays, it was also a great opportunity to bond with the other students. The girls in my class are a lot of fun, and I look forward to getting to know them even better over the next few weeks.

Jill, Sam, Me, and Nicole in Forever21.

In addition to making new friends, I also get to spend some time with my best friends from high school: Amanda and Tori. We take the train together and meet up for lunch every Saturday. We even plan on taking a few shopping trips after class now that the weather is nice. We love spending this time together so much that we’ll be counting down the days until FIT during the school week. Tori is a Precollege blogger for the Makeup-Cosmetics and Fragrance class, so you should check out her blog posts, too.

Tori and I on the train.

Amanda and Tori.

So far, FIT has been an awesome way to meet people whom I share interests with, as well as a way to spend time with friends that I already have. The experience is making me look forward to all of the friends I’ll make in college. I can’t wait!


Friendships on 34th Street

Hi Everyone!

Although you all probably know this and hear this over and over again, it is completely true: at FIT everybody has one, major thing in common with each other. This “thing” is fashion.

At FIT everybody wakes up as early as they do, takes time away from the 1 out of 100 things they probably have to do and attends class every weekend because they truly love going. This dedication that everybody has to fashion, photography, drawing, etc. is what makes it so easy to find stuff in common with other people in your class. So, if one of your goals at FIT is to make new friends, you’re in luck because it’s fairly easy to start up a conversation! This semester everyone in my class is just very friendly in general and I seem to get along with everyone fine but I haven’t really became close with anyone in particular. Ultimately, my major goal at FIT is to learn about fashion to the fullest, and I try to not let anything get in the way of that.

Also, at FIT the variety of people you meet is unbelievable! There’s people in my class from New Jersey, Connecticut, Pennsylvania and of course, New York. The commitment of the people traveling 2-3 hours away amazes me! This semester my class is pretty big and there’s all kinds of different people and personalities in it.

On the other hand, class this past week was great! We took a trip to 34th street to analyze and photograph trends for our project that is due soon which I can’t wait to share with you guys (if I’ll be able to upload it!). We went to stores such as H&M, Zara, Macy’s, Forever 21, and Joe Fresh.By the way if you haven’t heard of Joe Fresh (because I didn’t) make sure you try it out, I loved it! They’re actually opening their flagship store on 5th ave. this Thursday.

Here are some pictures I took this weekend, some big Spring 2012 trends I came across are side detailing on pants, yellow, blazers, mixing prints, houndstooth, metallics, paisley prints, black and white, color-blocking (still!), pastels, peplums, trousers, tie-neck shirts and much, much more:



The Beginning of The End

My last class was Saturday, the feeling is bittersweet.  I am sad for my class to be over because I met amazing people,  learned so much about the field I plan to go into after college, and overall just had a lot of fun.  However, I am also glad to be one step closer to my goals of getting accepted to the Fashion Institute and then ultimately becoming a fashion stylist.

Saturday, we did our final photo shoot of our food.  Our sushi concept turned out really well and everyone else’s projects came out wonderful also.  Professor Sokoli encouraged us to think outside the box and display our food in an unexpected way, so our idea was to show sushi ironically coming out of a fish bowl.

After class we posed for a class photo (some people are missing though:c), a few friends and I went to see the Daphne Guinness exhibit at FIT (which by the way, is AMAZING) .  Then we went out for Thai food at Room Service on 8th avenue to commemorate the end of our class and the official beginning to our amazing friendship.

I have already signed up for my spring precollege class at FIT.  I decided I want to get some really good pieces for my portfolio before applying to the Fashion Institute at the end of this summer.  I decided to take HDE 112 Graphic Design for Parties, Events, and Fashion Promotions because it is a combination of fashion and graphic design which I love.  It is not a styling class, however it is in the Visual PResentation and Exhibition Design department which is the department I am applying to, which shows the diversity of my abilities.

I made a Facebook page for my FIT class so we could communicate throughout the semester and stay in touch after the class is over.  I definately reccomend this to anyone in an FIT Precollege class because if you are doing a group project, you can communicate with your entire class in one post.  I put a post on the page that I was taking this class in the spring and soon enough, my entire class with the exception of maybe 2 or 3 signed up for the same class!  Next semester is going to be really great because I’ll be doing something that I love with people that I love.  I am also looking forward to the change in environment because I have never taken an FIT class that is all work done on the computer – although I have taken a few computer graphics classes in my high school.  Our professor will probably be confused on the first day when everyone already knows each other though, haha.

But anyway, I am sad to say this is my last post for FIT Precollege.  Maybe I will blog again in the spring if I am graced with the opportunity once again.  I really am so grateful to be able to share my experiences at FIT with you; it was a very fun project and I hope everyone enjoyed my posts!