Farewells and Goodbyes

On the last day of class all that is left are farewells and goodbyes. It feels just like yesterday we were all strangers with one common interest but yet here we are sad to leave one another after 11 awesome weeks. With a new outlook on not only the fashion world but FIT also, I decided to ask my classmates to reflect on their time here in the Precollege Programs to give insight for many of you hoping to absorb some of the same knowledge we have gained.

“I Love the location and vibe of FIT.”


“This is my first class I have taken at FIT it has been a great experience, definitely coming back.”


“Great way to meet new people and make new friends.”


“Definitely where I see myself for college.”


For me, this being my second year here, I have doubled my education and am very engaged in the fashion industry. With hopes of coming back in the Spring, I know I will yet again get to participate in this experience of a lifetime. From writing about FIT and sharing my thoughts and process with all of you, it made me realize how gratifying the Precollege Programs are and that there is nowhere I would rather be.

Thank you for tagging along on my journey.

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Last but not Least

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As time here at FIT runs out, we are all cramming to get our last project over with and fit to perfection. Of course we all are doing so with tears in our eyes, heartbroken that this is the last time we will be preparing anything for this semester. For my final project, I was put in the shoes of a fashion director for a major fashion brand. Of course I picked my favorite store–Free People. We then had to research our company’s history and create a mood board for the season of Fall 2017.

Utilizing forecasting sites provided, I researched and depicted trends of Fall 2017 and came up with a Western Gilded theme. This aesthetic incorporates the colors, materials, shapes and details for the season while keeping in touch with Free People’s style. It also consists of deep colors, intricate details, and rich textures combining fashion from the Wild West and the Gilded age. Working with a brand like Free People that has a bohemian style, I made sure I grasped that through these trends and then my board came to life.

I used materials like silk, velvet, chiffon, lace and suede; mixed with oranges, greens and reds. These colors and textiles all come together to decorate the flowy dresses, tailored pants and fringed jackets. But now it is all finished and only goodbyes and farewells are left.

Free People Fall 2017 mood board

Free People Fall 2017 mood board

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Beyond the Classroom

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Many of my classmates would agree, one of our favorite parts of our time here at FIT is the real life experiences and interactive lessons. Sitting in a room for four hours can get a little tiring but when you have such a great class and professor like mine who always urges us to learn hands-on, it goes by in a breeze. Our trips and lessons beyond the classroom really engages and intrigues us all and we absorb so much more. My class and I have sat through a talk on the decades of fashion, visited the museum at FIT and my favorite trip-our venture to Mood Fabrics.

Our first internal field trip was to the history of fashion department where we saw the timeline of fashion and learned about the origins of major fashion companies like Coco Chanel and Yves Saint Laurent. Our curator even brought out garments and collections from the past century. We saw vintage Dior, vintage Chanel and various other iconic pieces from recent decades.

Dress from the 90s

Dress from the 60s

For the next internal trip we traveled across campus to the Museum at FIT. We learned about the fashion trends of conformity and structure through the past exhibit Uniformity, full of uniforms seen on soldiers, sailors, flight attendants, store employees and school children.

Chanel “Brasserie Gabrielle” ensemble Fall 2015

Coco Chanel clutch Fall 2015

McDonald’s uniform Stan Herman 1976 (left) Moschino ensemble Jeremy Scott Fall 2014 (right)

Jean Paul Gautlier ensemble 1993 (left) Sacai ensemble Spring 2015 (right)

On our last trip we stopped by Mood Fabrics, the place where all fashion designers and craft fanatics’ hearts melt and they become mesmerized by the endless shelves of fabric. We spent hours roaming the floors collecting fabric swatches and leaving with a cheerful “Thank you Mood!” filling the store.

Retrieved from Manhattansideways.com

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Fashion in the Social Media Era

In an age where everything revolves around social media, we sure have an extraordinary way of communicating and connecting, especially when it comes to launching a business or engaging with customers. Recently, I attended a seminar with Eva Chen, head of Instagram’s Fashion Partnership on this subject at FIT. She talked with two fashion designers, Becca McCharen and Tanya Taylor about putting their brand out there and how they use Instagram as an outlet to gain recognition. Each designer shared with us what their brand is all about and how they use Instagram to relay that.

Becca sees fashion from an architectural standpoint and loves that Instagram lets her connect to the public and show her audience what this is all about. Tanya who is all about floral and bold prints, loves the interaction this platform allows and that customers get to see the timeline and dedication put into a season from the very beginning to the last step on the runway. 

On top of finding out what these savvy women think of Instagram, we also found out how they made it to where they stand now with some valuable tips.

Tip 1: Be proactive

Tip 2: Show that you love what you do and that you are there for a reason

Tip 3: Your voice should always be heard, do not be afraid to say something, people love feedback in the fashion industry

Tip 4: Connections, connections, connections

Besides these life saving tips, there was also talk about futuristic fashion, Instagram etiquette, and of course, Gucci loafers. Regarding the future of fashion, Becca, whose brand is all about the look of tomorrow, gave some very deep insight for what we will be wearing years from now. Who knows maybe tinfoil will be the next big thing on runways. Then Eva, who is super Insta savvy, schooled us all on Instagram do’s and dont’s, certainly gaining interest from the less technically inclined (aka my mom). Also gaining attention from many of us in the crowd, Eva talked about some very relatable fashion challenges. Like when you really don’t want something but you see it everywhere and then fall in love, like Gucci loafers, and angrily buy them because now you have to get them. Yeah, we have all been there.

Thanks to the Museum at FIT for hosting this talk and for these lovely trio of women, I now have better knowledge and perspective of technology in the fashion world (and this awesome picture of me and Eva Chen).

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Looking to my Inspirations

The hardest part of my morning is hands down deciding on what to wear. I can spend hours adding and taking away layers, scouring through my closet and drawers, basically wrecking my room until it is unrecognizable, until I find the perfect combination. When I’m deciding on this perfect combo, usually depending on my mood that day and what I want to express through my clothing, I look at my eclectic choices of inspirations and role models in the fashion industry who always have the upper hand on style and flair.

My first candidate for outfit inspiration is Rachel Zoe. With her bohemian glam glow and endless stock of bell bottoms I find myself wearing fringe vests and flare jeans more and more everyday.

Retrieved from Hawtcelebs.com

Retrieved from CelebMafia.com

For those days I can not bare to get up and just need something comfy yet trendy to get me through my day, I look to this generation’s It girl, Gigi Hadid. She is the queen of all things street style and athleisure wear (and of the runway).

Retrieved from Harpersbazzar.com

Retrieved from Harpersbazzar.com

A type of style only few can conquer, the side of fashion with no rules, I save for the days I want to make a statement and display boldness. From mixed prints, to colors no one would ever imagine together, Iris Apfel and Leandra Medine (Founder of Manrepeller.com ) have this scene covered.

Retrieved from WWD.com

Retrieved from Manrepeller.com

Retrieved from Manrepeller.com

Who I like to think of as a style doppelgänger of myself, Danielle Bernstein (Founder of Weworewhat.com ) is an entrepreneur, businesswoman, fashion blogger and a newly emerging designer. On top of her accomplishments she is also a fashion chameleon who is always on top of trends and never misses a chance to put her own spin on things, and not to mention, she is one of FIT’s very own alumna.

Retrieved from Weworewhat.com

Retrieved from Weworewhat.com

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